Widgets - 9 Productive Web Widgets - Widget Productivity

Widgets - 9 Productive Web Widgets - Widget Productivity

9 Productive Web Widgets

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Widgets can be used to add productivity and utility to personalized start pages, blogs and social networking profiles by adding the ability to quickly search relevant news sites, look up stock quotes, or even find coupons.

1. WikiSeek

Description: WikiSeek allows for quick and easy searching of Wikipedia. This is a great tool if you do a lot of searching in Wikipedia or need easy access to quick information about a large variety of subjects.
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2. Google Map

Description: Google Map provides great mapping software at your fingertips. Put it on your blog to tell the world where you are located, or place it on your personalized start page for easy access to a localized map.

3. CNN Search

Description: CNN Search is a handy widget that allows you to quickly search through the CNN news for relevant articles. Want to find out what's new about a famous actor or singer? Want a rundown of the latest sports game? This widget will help you find the news fast.

4. LiveStockQuotes

Description: The LiveStockQuotes widget lets you enter your own ticker symbols and will update the stock quotes every 30 seconds throughout the day. A great way to keep track of the market and keep an eye on your portfolio.

5. Yahoo! Finance Search

Description: Tracking stock quotes is great, but sometimes it is best to turn to the news to find out why a stock is moving, or to research a good stock to purchase. A handy widget for the investor, Yahoo! Finance Search will let you enter in a company name to retrieve recent news about that company posted in the Yahoo! Finance section.

6. Flash Calculator

Description: A simple calculator built in Flash, this is a great widget if you need occasional use of a calculator but don't like digging through menus in Windows trying to find your calculator. Can perform most simple calculations.

7. Instacalc

Description: If a simple calculator isn't enough, Instacalc is your best bet. A multi-line calculator that can take English language as well as numerical values, this calculator is powerful enough to act as a mini-spreadsheet.