» Fixing iTunes Error Code 11222

» Fixing iTunes Error Code 11222

Getting an iTunes error code 11222 is an annoyance for any iTunes user. Unfortunately this error is generated for a variety of actual problems, as it is the code for unknown errors. Therefore the error may be generated by a Mac computer, a PC or an iPhone. If you are having problems downloading iTunes, maintaining a network connection with iTunes or doing upgrades, you will often find that the error that you get is code 11222.

The iTunes error code 11222 is often caused by QuickTime upgrades or when installing updates for a newer version of iTunes. An abundance of old information on your computer related to QuickTime or Apple often causes iTunes applications to run incorrectly and bug, generating the error that you are looking to fix.

Anyone who encounters an iTunes error code 11222 can expect to also receive an “unknown error” message. However, in certain cases the message states that it is impossible to complete the request you made at the iTunes store. It is typically encountered when you are trying to make a purchase or complete an upgrade on iTunes. What often lies at the root of the iTunes error code 11222 is a connection problem.

In order to fix the iTunes error code 11222, you will need to uninstall your iTunes applications and reinstall them. This is the one of the simplest methods of dealing with this error. Alternatively, you should use a registry cleaner on your computer in order to remove all the excess information, old files, unused programs and broken links that are currently cluttering it up. Old, irrelevant information for Apple, QuickTime or iTunes can cause the iTunes error code 11222 to occur. By getting rid of them using a registry cleaner, you will have completely and permanently rid your computer of the clutter that often slows it down and causes errors in many applications.

Prevention is the best way to avoid such issues in the future. By using a registry cleaner on your PC and keeping virtual clutter to a minimum, you can avoid issues like the iTunes error code 11222.

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