RSS Menu Extension for Safari

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Download latest RSS Menu extension for Safari 5.1 or later.
NOTE: This extension is not associated with the RSS Menu application from e dot studios, or any similarly-named application.

What Does It Do?

  • Adds a simple menu button to your Safari toolbar
  • Opens feeds either online in Google Reader (no account required) or in your native news reader app (ViennaReederNetNewsWire etc.)
  • Toolbar button badge shows how many feeds available on current page

Change Log

Latest (v1.8.2, 29-Jul-12)
  • Bugfix: no longer interferes with functionality on et al.
Previous versions
  • 1.8.1: Back out the ‘feed’ URI change for now; Reeder seems to work better without it.
  • 1.8: Use ‘feed:’ URI scheme more correctly when loading in external apps, works better for some apps on some sites (e.g. NetNewsWire on
  • 1.7: New feature: Option to hide the badge on toolbar button.
  • 1.6: Bugfix: Now works properly with feeds that don’t specify a title attribute.
  • 1.5: Minor bugfix to ensure only one popup banner is created at any one time.
  • 1.4: Spinner animation and improved appearance for “opening in default app” banner.
  • 1.3: Fixed banner appearing behind WordPress admin bar.
  • 1.2: Fixed banner not appearing on et al.
  • 1.2: Improved banner styling on et al.
  • 1.1: Fixed logic error, improved error handling when parsing page for feeds

Known Issues

Tracked on GitHub.