Images galleries-Flash/CSS : Where to get them?

Images galleries-Flash/CSS : Where to get them?

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Whenever web designers are working on projects they need images galleries or flash scripts for the clients. Also, sometimes you want to add image galleries for own web sites. In this article I will go over the sites, from where you can acquire high quality image galleries.

Paul Van Roekel

This first site I bring to you is from Paul Van Roekel , who is a photographer. his website has total 18 or more flash based galleries. I call these site the “Mother-Load of all galleries.” These galleries are collections of different images galleries from different sites developed by talented web developers . The cool thing about this is that if you use Picasa , some of these flash galleries comes as template, you can integrate them in Picasa and make a web gallery in one click.  I have used this site for various of my projects. Comes in very handy.


The second site is Entheosweb.com . This site has couple of free flash galleries and also premium paid galleries as well. The free galleries comes with demo and the images are pulled from XML files, so it is very easy to add or remove images.

Dynamic Drive

Now, lets say you do not want flash galleries and want to stick with good old CSS. No worries. Dynamic Drive Got your back. It has couple of image galleries that are easy to use and customizable. More galleries can be found on this page .

Stu Nicholls

Also, another cool CSS images gallery comes from Stu Nicholls.  The images gallery is CSS based and also has a new version that shows individual images shows on the same window.
Moreover, here are 12 Javascript galleries that were reviewed by Tutorial blog, that can be used for free.
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