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Grooveshark is the world's largest on-demand and music discovery service. With over 15 million songs, Grooveshark is an ecosystem that brings together music fans, bands, music labels, and brands.

By creating new revenue sources for the music industry, innovative marketing opportunities for artists, and strategic data products for music and brand managers, Grooveshark cuts into music piracy by helping everyone—from fan to band—make the most of online music.
Grooveshark serves as an access point for fans, marketing hub for content producers, and an operations center for labels, agencies and brand managers. Grooveshark increases music revenues using one of the most innovative ad platforms in the world, attacks piracy in underperforming markets and reduces the cost of signing and breaking new acts, everyday.


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Grooveshark logo.png
URL grooveshark.com
Commercial? Previously; now freemium
Type of site Music
Registration Optional
Available language(s) 30 languages
Owner Escape Media Group Inc.
Created by Sam Tarantino, Josh Greenberg, Andrés Barreto
Launched 2007
Alexa rank 890 (June 2012)[1]
Current status Active

Grooveshark is an internet service for music. It has a search engine, streaming service, and recommendation application. Users can stream and upload music that can be played immediately or added to a playlist.[2]

As of January 2012, Grooveshark has been sued for copyright-violations by all the major music companies, namely EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music.[3] For one suit complaining about copyright-infringement, the liabilities have been estimated at seventeen billion U.S. dollars.[4][5] Concerns about copyrights led Google, Apple and Facebook to remove Grooveshark's applications from the Android Market, the App Store (iOS) and Facebook platform respectively.[6][7][8] In response, Grooveshark has stated that it operates under a "safe harbor" provision of U.S. law.[4]



Grooveshark enables users to upload and share music with friends, with Grooveshark's file-distribution system or by using other social-media applications. The screenshot displays a playlist of 14 recordings by Robert Fripp over an artist-page of 16 recordings by King Crimson.
Grooveshark is a rich Internet application that originally ran in Adobe Flash. In December 2010, Grooveshark redesigned its site to provide an HTML5 interface.[9] Grooveshark displays songs, playlists, and users. Grooveshark has a Java Web Start application that scans users' folders for MP3s, uploading and adding them to the user's online library. The ID3 information of the uploaded song is linked to the user, and the file is uploaded to Grooveshark, which then offers on-demand music playback. All content on the service is user-sourced.[10][11]
Grooveshark’s catalog streams over 1 billion sound files per month, over 15 million songs and 35 million users.[citation needed] Users can search and find music by song, artist, album, browsing friends’ recent activity, and even through other users’ playlists. The service allows users to create and edit Playlists. Registered users can save playlists to an account, subscribe to other users’ Playlists, and share Playlists through e-mail, social media, StumbleUpon, Reddit or an embeddable widget. Users can listen to Genre Radio Stations of particular genres or they can populate their own station via their list of Current Songs. The site can use the song list to stream similar music, and this stream selection is updating using user ratings of songs. Grooveshark features a “Community” section, where users can view the activity of friends by “following” them. Users can connect other social media accounts.
Users may obtain basic accounts without fees.[12] Grooveshark offers two subscription services that give users increased features, no banner ads, and playability on mobile devices.[13][14]