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Stores Update | UppSite

Dear customers,

We’re happy to announce we have a solution to the App stores issue!
Starting today, any customers who wish to create a native application may do so on their own private developer account, a feature which was available only for our Premium users.
Developer account
A developer account is a special account with Android or Apple which enables its owner to upload apps to the stores. When you’re using your own developer account your app is published under your name with your branding, so everyone know immediately that the app is completely yours!

We will still create and publish the app for FREE, all you need to do is update your account detail on your Dashboard and we’ll do the rest of the work of publishing and updating for you!
To purchase a Google Play Developer account and/or an iOS Developer account simply click on the links and go through the instructions. You can start anew or login to an existing account and upgrade it to a developer account.

Why do you need a native app?
Currently, there are 1.08 billion smartphone users in the world , with thousands more joining every day, making it an excellent advertising and distribution business tool for all businesses. Mobile applications enable you to expand your audience and keep your readers updated at any time!

Our applications will enable you to keep contact with your readers wherever they are. With tools like Push Notifications, Social Networks Sharing, the ability to update your app and website from the app itself and much more, our application are the best way to make your readers more engaged to your content!

UppSites Portal App
In case you decide you a place in our UppSites Portal app is enough for you, all apps are still available on the UppSites Portal app.

The UppSites Portal is a unique and exclusive content exposure app which provides the same app experience as a native app. The portal includes all of our apps with the same app functionality as a native app, but enables each app to keep its own individual design and customization.

If you encounter a problem, please contact us at support@uppsite.com
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10 Responses to “Stores Update”

  • Patrick Stowell says:
    Just to be clear…
    if we want our app to be on google play we now have to pay $25?
    • Dear Patrick,
      If you want to publish your app on the Google Play Market you need a developer account. These accounts cost a one time payment of $25 which you pay directly to Google. The developer account you purchase is your own and you can use it as you see fit.
      If you know someone with a developer account, with their permission, you may enter their account details. If you already have your own developer account, simply enter your details.
      The creation of your app and its submission to your chosen stores is still free.
  • frank jensen says:
    Hi thanks for a resoultion, a clarification:
    The Apple account is pr. yesr and Google play is a one time fee.
    Will my app stay on Apple appstore if I do not renew my developer account?
  • reggaeunder says:
    how can we test the app before submitting to google or apple?
    • Dear reggaeunder,
      You can choose to publish your app on our UppSites Portal app. After checking your app on our portal, you can add your developer account details through your Dashboard.
  • sweetmelody says:
    Dear UppSite,
    1. According to your freemium plans > http://www.uppsite.com/2012/01/proud-to-present-our-new-plans/#more-675, is ‘Submit using MySiteApp developer accounts’ no more available? If we want to have our own native apps, we have to purchase both Apple and Google Play developer accounts?
    2. Google Play developer account is USD25 one time charge?
    3. What about the old Android app submitted by UppSite, can it be updated via our private Google Play developer account or UppSite has to recreate another Google Play app and the old one can not be replaced?
    Kindly advise, thank you!
  • technuttyuk says:
    To be honest why would I pay for a developer account to use with your service which advertises itself on the app, I’m not gong to bother with it as AppMakr is a whole lot better, provides the same service but doesn’t advertise itself on the app like you do.
  • Username says:
    uppsite is publishing free apps in both apple and google play so why i have to pay money to it ,u can publish it in both markets for free according to policy