tuberadio logo 300x86   a super slick Spotify for music videos

Scrub all memory of the dodgy YouTube/ mashup we covered last week because we’ve found another one and this is so, so much better. is a search engine for music videos on YouTube but with the ability to build and share video playlists of songs with others. The overall product comes across very much like ‘Spotify for music videos’.

The slick iTunes-esque interface allows you to search for music either via YouTube or via’s database of releases. Then you can add individual tracks or whole albums to a playlist. As you play tracks, the video plays from YouTube alongside artist information from with lyrics (where available) displayed from isn’t just for personal use though, it’s got the beginnings of a strong social side thanks to playlist sharing. You can share your music taste through Twitter, Facebook, by email or by a copying a direct URL. You can even befriend other users of the service and show off your finely crafted playlists to them directly on the site.

Everything about screams quality – right down to small touches like the way a floating thumbnail for a video that appears when you hover over an item in your playlist.
It was developed by a London-based duo over four months and they are currently hard at work developing version 2 of the service. The revamp is due for launch next month but don’t wait for that – give it a go today.

tuberadiofm   a super slick Spotify for music videos