Box for Personal: Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere

Box for Personal: Simple, Secure Sharing from Anywhere
 For Personal 

Get a Hard Drive in the Cloud: Online Storage

What if the files you need are on your laptop – but you're on the road with your iPhone? No worries! With Box, you store files online – then access them anywhere, anytime, on any device. Learn More
Get 5 GB Free and Organize All Your Files Into Folders Store all kinds of files online, then arrange them into folders just like on your desktop.

View and Access Files on Demand Box provides anytime, anywhere access to your files from any device – whether you're in Nebraska or Norway.

Convenience and Peace of Mind Throwing thumb drives in your bag, transferring files to CDs, stressing about a stolen laptop – that's yesterday. Today, everything's on Box.

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Simple, Secure Sharing
From Anywhere

Did you know? Over 60% of workers access business
content outside the office; Box makes it fast and painless.

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