click.to - Simplenote

click.to - Simplenote


With click.to you can create notes with one click
From an e-mail, your brower, recipes, movie lists, or your favorite quotes…
  • Copy any kind of text into a note
  • Collect recipes
  • Archive film lists
  • Share book lists
So, this is how you can copy a text to a note
Saving a beautiful quote from an eBook is easy with click.to Simplenote: just highlight it in the text, copy it with (Ctrl+C or right click -> copy) and select click.to Simplenote from the menu. You’ve now, very easily, created a simple note with your selected passage. The note is automatically saved online and can be shared at anytime with friends, family and colleagues.

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Click.to, the true copy & paste turns everything on your desktop in hyperlinks, detours between applications can be skipped. Whether you need text added to an e-mail, pictures published on Facebook or a foreign word search in Wikipedia, click.to does it with one click. Content is easily transported (texts, images, e-mails, screenshots, …) highlight, press Right-click -> Copy or Cmd + C and click on the desired application. An example: To search for a word in Google. Instead of highlighting the word, opening the browser, calling up Google, and pasting the word in the search bar; press Cmd + C and select “click.to Google”. Click.to also responds to Cmd + X.

With this application, you'll make your daily work on your computer more efficient. You won't know how many detours you take on a daily basis, until you've tried click.to. This application can also be individually adjusted to your needs. Click.to is configurable for everyone and infinitely expandable. If you use certain extensions more frequently than others, you can display them as Favorites in the Satellite Menu. You can always add your own simple, new extensions (in particular Web page or program calls) by using our Setup Wizard. For building more complex interfaces, we have the Click.to developer community, with access to the click.to API.

What's New in Version 1.2.95

- Dict.cc
- Stumbleupon