Firefox has quickly and rightfully become one of the most used and most loved Internet browsers in existence. Its fast speed, great customizable interface, and strong security measures make it the best option for most computer users when it comes to web browsing.

From an attorney’s perspective (or anyone within an information-sensitive industry), the benefits of having a USB preloaded with Firefox is clear because the very nature of their business means the information they are browsing is sensitive. When using a public or shared computer such as a library or an internet cafe, one can ensure information is saved and served from their USB and not from the computer ís hard disc, and let us not forget that all of your favorite websites and credentials can be saved within your new portable version of Firefox.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to take Firefox with you anywhere, ready to use on computers that do not have it installed already:

  1. Insert a USB thumb drive into your computer :: The USB thumb drive is the key to this whole process. Without it, there would be no reason for this little tutorial. So before doing anything, take your favorite USB drive, plug it into your computer, and make sure it is properly mounted and ready to have files installed on it.
  2. Download Firefox Portable :: Firefox Portable is a USB Drive app specifically made in order to allow users to run Firefox from any USB Drive. has taken all of the complexity and frustration of making Firefox mobile, and compiled the process needed into a simple installer program. The proper program can easily be found by typing in "Firefox Portable" into you favorite search engine. Download Firefox portable and you will be ready for the next step.
  3. Install Firefox Portable :: Once Firefox Portable has been downloaded, an installer file should appear where you specified. Run this program to begin installing Firefox portable. During the install, the program will ask you where you want to install the program. Choose the device name or destination code of the USB Drive you want to run Firefox on, then click OK. The program will then take the time to make the necessary changes in your USB drive in order to allow Firefox to run from it.
  4. Using Your USB Drive to Run Firefox :: Once the install is finished, you should be able to run Firefox from any computer that can detect you USB drive properly. To do this, first safely eject the USB drive from the current computer. Next, find a computer you would like to run Firefox on, and plug the USB drive into it, making sure it is mounted properly. Once connected, find your USB Drive’s root directory folder, which should show up in the My Computer area of the device it is connected to. Inside your USB drive, you should see FirefoxPortable. Just run this program and Firefox should start up as normal on any device using your USB Drive.

There you have it. If you followed these easy steps, you should now have the ability to carry Firefox around in your pocket, ready to be called to action anywhere and at any time.

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