BoardHub - managing board and committee papers


The BoardHub web-based process brings true ease-of-use and the highest levels of security to the distribution and management of board and committee papers.

In a world of increased security and corporate governance concerns, BoardHub provides all the required functionality for the preparation of board material by corporate secretaries and its secure distribution to board and committee members.

Truly secure, easy to use and cost-effective, BoardHub provides key functionality for the assembly and distribution of relevant documents together with associated functionality such as the consent process for circular resolutions.

For iPad users, the CommandHub Mobile Vault secures the downloaded documents within an encrypted environment together with 'poison pill' protection measures.

Key features

In addittion to the comprehensive Agenda process, BoardHub includes a full consent (or compliance) process that faciltates the management of circular resolutions and a variety of similar documents requiring sign-off by selected users. Users can add comments to their 'consent' and the process can be readily monitored with due dates and progress overviews.
The specific BoardHub benefits include:
  • agenda preparation process
  • consent / compliance process
  • no user training required
  • specifically designed for the busy executive
  • secure distribution of board and committee papers
  • comprehensive access reporting and full audit trail
  • one-click download of entire agenda with all attachments
  • simple conflict-of-interest exclusions
  • personal annotation and printing options
  • meets stringent risk management requirements
  • easy administration with no IT or web skills required
  • iPad ‘vault’ app with encrypted environment and ‘poison pill’ protection.
Value proposition

BoardHub's inbuilt workflow slashes the time required to create an Agenda and all its associated documents. For all preparation activity, from the easy assembly of documents to the simple creation and one-click download of an Agenda, BoardHub provides a complete process that strengthens corporate governance compliance.

BoardHub has satisfied the most stringent independent risk management reviews. Built on the highly secure CommandHub architecture, BoardHub is provided as a complete managed service on dedicated hardware with guaranteed service availability, or for in-house deployment.
  • agenda assembly workflow
  • selective dissemination
  • controlled end-point
  • iPad security vault

BoardHub's in-built workflow slashes the time normally required to create an Agenda and all its associated documents, while conflict of interest exclusions can be made selectively.

Agenda index

For all preparation activity, from the easy assembly and approval of documents to the simple one click download of an Agenda, BoardHub provides a complete process that strengthens corporate governance compliance.

Board or committee members need only click once to receive a compressed, secure download of the completed agenda, with all attachments, to a controlled location, such as an authorised laptop or encrypted memory stick. BoardHub provides the end user with the same functionality and ease of document selection in an offline environment as is presented in the online experience.

Specific functions assist with the distribution of late papers, including the ability to specifically exclude selected users.
  • simple online index creation
  • free-format text agenda items
  • copy previous agenda and click to re-arrange
  • lodgement process for agenda material
  • selective document attachments
  • selective document exclusions
  • one-click compressed download
  • any document format as appropriate.