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About | Cables For Mac


Cablesformac.com.au was developed out of the frustration of not being able find a cable or adapter that would make it possible to neatly connect a Macbook (with Mini DisplayPort) to a TV via HDMI.

Like many Mac users, I trawled all over the net looking for an adapter that would allow me to connect a MacBook to TV. After weeks of searching, I discovered a few off shore manufacturers that produced a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that would allow me to connect a MacBook to a TV. However, as they were all located off shore, the shipping costs for a single item were ridiculously expensive! Figuring I was not alone in my quest and hoping that other Mac users would also require an adapter I took the plunge and ordered a bunch of these adapters in the hope to spead the high shipping costs over multiple adapters. In doing so I was able to offer these adapters to other Australian Mac users at a much more affordable price and with much faster shipping times.

The initial response was great and the first shipment sold out very quickly so with continual requests for more cables we decided to bring in another shipment. Several shipments later and www.cablesformac.com.au was born.

We hope to continue providing Australian Mac users with cables and adapters at a competitive and afforable price.

If you are looking for a cable or adapter which we don’t stock please send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.



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