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Dropbox Encore 1.0
23 Jul 11
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Dropbox shared folders let two users (i.e., two accounts) share a folder of files. See the Dropbox Help for more information.

But sometimes Dropbox Sharing is not what you want, e.g., independent work and home accounts. Dropbox Encore enables a second instance of Dropbox to run in a single Mac OS X user account.
Each instance of Dropbox must have (1) a unique Dropbox account and (2) a separate local Dropbox folder.

  • Dropbox does not officially support two accounts on a single Mac account ... but it works. Dropbox does officially support a separate Dropbox account for each user account on a single Mac.
  • Folder and file icons in the second Dropbox do not have the Dropbox "checkmark" indicating the item has been synchronized.
  • Multiple, simultaneous Dropbox accounts can be confusing and lead to mistakes (e.g., my Dropbox Forums blunder). Be sure to check out official Dropbox Sharing before experimenting with Dropbox Encore.

Dropbox Encore on Lion (10.7)

Initial testing shows Dropbox Encore running successfully with Dropbox 1.1.35 on Lion (Mac OS X 10.7).

Caution: Multiple Dropboxes with Dropbox 1.2.16 Forum Build

Two Dropbox Encore users have reported a Keychain error using Dropbox Encore with the Dropbox 1.2.16 Forum Build release. Another Dropbox user, using a related multiple-Dropbox technique, reported a keychain error in the Dropbox Forum.

Please hold off upgrading from Dropbox 1.1.35 to 1.2.16 until these problems have been investigated and resolved.