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Focus on Content and Functionality

Low-Fi Sketch Wireframes
Sketchy, low-fidelity wireframes let you focus design conversations on functionality
UI Components & Icons
75 built-in user interface components and 187 icons, plus a whole lot of community-generated components.
Click-Through Prototypes
Linking lets you generate click-through prototypes for demos & usability testing
Export to PNG or PDF
Share or present mockups with embedded links using PDF export, or use a 3rd party tool to export to code.

Never Waste a Minute

Quick Add for Speed
Lets you build wireframes using your keyboard
Drag and Drop for Simplicity
Interfaces with drag and drop components–anyone can use it
Re-usable Symbol Libraries
Create templates, masters, and re-usable component libraries
Full Keyboard Support
CTRL+C, V, X, Z all you want!
Import and Export
Seamless integration with all versions of Mockups, for when you’re back online
Works Offline
Work on the plane or in a coffeeshop without an Internet connection
Mac, Windows, and Linux
Fully cross-platform