Welcome - Yubico, identity token (usb device)

Welcome - Yubico

The key to the cloud

The Internet was designed for sharing, not security. And as more and more sophisticated services move online, so do fraudsters.

Compromised identities have reached a level where weaknesses in username and password and traditional software security solutions have been exposed. There is a growing demand for strong two-factor authentication, but the more secure hardware devices are in general too complicated to use and expensive to scale for the majority of users and services.
Until now.

Disruptive authentication technology

Yubico breaks the authentication price/strength/complexity relationship with the YubiKey.

The YubiKey is a hardware authentication token that looks like a small USB memory stick, but it is actually a keyboard. With the command of an integrated touch button, the device can send a time-variant, secure login code as if it was typed in from a keyboard. And because USB keyboards are standard on all computers the YubiKey works on all platforms and browsers without the need for client software.

YubiKey - Your ubiquitous key

Through a growing partner community, the YubiKey is used for secure access in the range of IT applications, including e-mail, VPN, Windows login, disc encryption and web single sign-on.

By also providing a hosted validation service and supporting open identity standards, one single YubiKey can be used for any number of applications.

20,000 customers in over 100 countries

Yubico launched in 2008 and has sold YubiKeys to a broad range of organizations around the world. Reference customers include leading cloud services, universities, local e-goverments and major enterprises.

Web based and open source business model

Yubico customers can get started right away by ordering YubiKeys online from the Yubico Web Store. With self-support on the web forum, access to the Yubico validation service and open source library, the evaluation and implementation can be done quickly and at a low cost.
Developers help each other via the Yubico forum. The Yubico Wiki offers a market place for YubiKey solution providers.

Team with proven track records

The YubiKey was invented in 2006 by Stina and Jakob Ehrensvärd, renowned Swedish IT innovators. In 2007, Yubico was founded to bring the technology to market and the YubiKey 1.0 launched in 2008.

The company is funded and owned by team and board members, including Internet security and sales professionals with proven track records of building successful IT businesses. The team is based in Sweden, UK, California and India.

Changing the way USB keys are manufactured

In our production plant in the forests of Sweden, we have invented a new, fully automated way to manufacture USB keys in one solid piece of plastic and with respect for our people and the environment. The manufacturing plant is located in the same region as the furniture innovator IKEA was founded. And just like IKEA, our mission is to bring flat, affordable do-it-yourself products to the mass market.

Get started
If you would like to try out the YubiKey, you can order it online today. We serve everyone, in every part of the world.

Let’s not let the fraudsters limit the potential of what the Internet is and what it can be!

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