Transform Your Website Background Into a Slideshow | ChurchMag

Transform Your Website Background Into a Slideshow | ChurchMag


Yesterday’s post about Backstretch, a jQuery plug-in that dynamically-resizes your background image, got me thinking more about the slideshow options. Backstretch could be easily configured to a slideshow, but lacked some extra creative effects you would want if you implemented the slideshow option.

If you want your background image to change or implement a dynamically-sized slideshow, bgStretcher II is what you’ll want to try:

bgStretcher II

As the web is viewed on multiple screen sizes and mobile devices, tools like this are awesome.
bgStretcher II is easy to setup and has plenty of creative options:
  • Speed
  • Transition Effects
  • Slide Direction
  • Prev & Next Selectors
  • Anchoring
  • Preload
  • More!
I find it curious you can initialize the plugin for custom DIV use. This would be good if you wanted to draw on bgStretcher II for a slideshow.
Also, with the ability to implement the Prev and Next selectors, you could use bgStretcher II to setup a photography demo reel. Drop in some hi-res images, and the demo reel would dynamically fit fullscreen no matter the size of screen.
There’s a lot of potential and flexibility with some creative bits of code and bgStretcher II.
Check it out!