Google Drive vs SkyDrive vs DropBox vs iCloud: A Comparision

Google Drive vs SkyDrive vs DropBox vs iCloud: A Comparision

Google drive from Google, Sky drive from Microsoft, icloud from Apple and the world Famous Drop box are major competitors  for online storage. Though the market for drop box, icloud and Microsoft is quite stable introduction of Google drive is for sure a threat for them. If you don’t know what exactly these terms Google Drive, Sky Drive, iCloud, and Drop box means let me explain you in simple term ‘ an online storage for your files and media so that you can access from any PC, phone etc’
By default a free space is available and Instead of their free space you can upgrade your space by choosing their premium services. Let us compare the these three famous drives in each and every aspect in detail

Google Drive iCloud Sky Drive Dropbox

Google Drive icloud Sky Drive Dropbox
Free Space 5GB 5GB 7GB 2GB
Mobile Support Android, iOS (coming soon) iOS Windows Phone, iOS Android, iOS, BlackBerry
Easy of use Easy Easy- Easy Easiest
Developer Google Apple Microsoft DropBox
File Size Limit 10 GB
300 MB 300 MB for uploads via Web, No limit via Desktop
Media Streaming Not Available Available Not Available Available
Desktop Support Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows, Mac, Linux
Developer API Yes Yes Yes Yes
Minimum Upgrade 25 GB at $2.49/month 10 GB at $20.oo/year Add 20 GB to your free storage at $10.00/year 50 GB at $9.99/month or $99.00/year (+ 1 GB per referral, up to +32 GB)

Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud, Dropbox are the 4 famous cloud storage devices from Google, Microsoft, Apple and dropbox set a new pavement for the cloud storing. Each one have its advantages and disadvantages when compared to other.When it comes to value services, it’s a toss-up between Dropbox and Google Drive. When you are a windows PC user and you will get  a good free space of 7GB with Sky Drive. If you own a android phone Google Drive is a perfect option. If you love apple and want to sync music/video/files with iPods, iPod and you Mac icloud rocks