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Simple, fast sharing

Now you can make links to files or folders in your Dropbox.

Quickly share your photos, docs, and videos with friends and colleagues — even if they don't have Dropbox!

Large files

Send even your biggest home videos and presentations to anyone, instantly.

Entire folders

Share a whole collection of files at once, right from your desktop — no more zip files.

Lightning fast

Since your stuff is already in Dropbox, you can share it in a snap — no setup required.

How to:

From dropbox.com and on your computer, just select "Get link" for a file or folder in your Dropbox.
On mobile, open the file and press the link icon in the bottom left corner.

Beautiful online viewing

When you create a link, your photos, videos, and even documents are displayed in a gorgeous full-browser view. Your friends and family can simply follow your links to view photos and instantly watch home videos online. Even your presentations look great without anyone having to download and open them separately.