Share your photos with ReadyNAS Photos : NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community

Share your photos with ReadyNAS Photos : NETGEAR ReadyNAS Community

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Ever wanted to share your photos straight from your home instead of having to copy your files somewhere remote? Now you can with ReadyNAS Photos.
Let me start by saying that there are some things I dislike about online photo-sharing sites.
  1. It can take forever to upload the photos and often have to deal with timeouts.
  2. Folks I share to will sometimes need to create an account just to view my photos.
  3. Family or friends wanting to print pictures will have to do so with a low-res file that’s optimized for display.
  4. If the photo site goes under or merges with another, I’m left without my albums.
Well, what we’ve done is created ReadyNAS Photos, a really cool way to share your photos straight from the ReadyNAS. No complicated router setup necessary, and it ships with the ReadyNAS Duo. Other ReadyNAS users will be able to update to RAIDiator 4.01 and will be able to enjoy ReadyNAS Photos just like the Duo owners.
Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Enable ReadyNAS Photos service from FrontView

Simply activate ReadyNAS Photos from the FrontView management interface (the option is in the Services/Installed Addons tab). Please make sure you have a Pictures folder in your media share. This is there by default on installation, but if you’ve deleted the share or folder, you’ll need to recreate it.

Step 2: Install ReadyNAS Photos software

Click Install ReadyNAS Photos button to install the ReadyNAS Photos software on your PC, Mac, or Linux.

Step 3: Create a ReadyNAS Photos user ID and log in

Then click on the Sign Up link to create a ReadyNAS Photos user ID.
Log in to ReadyNAS Photos using the user ID you created.

Step 4: Connect ReadyNAS Photos to your ReadyNAS

It’ll list your ReadyNAS unit in the Discovered list. Click on the ReadyNAS icon, and click Connect.

Step 5: Import your album folders

You’ll see the initial screen telling you to add your album. Click on the link to start importing your album folder from your computer.
You’ll see the Import Albums dialog box. Select one or more folders you would like to import from the left selection box, click on the ADD >> button, and click START to begin the import process. You will see the status of the import at the bottom after several seconds.

Step 6: Rotate photos in the right direction

In case we have some photos we need to rotate, this can easily be done within ReadyNAS Photos. Simply click on the Album cover to get into the Thumbnail view and click on the picture you would like to rotate.
When you click on the thumbnail, you’re taken to a Strip view where you can scroll through pictures on the right and select the picture you would like to perform an action on, like rotate or delete.
Click on the desired rotate button at the top of the strip on the right to rotate.

Step 7: Share the album!

Now we’re ready to share the album. Click on the Share button to bring up the Share Dialog.
Enter the email addresses separated with a comma, and put a little message in the Message box for your recipients, and click SHARE. Each of your recipients will receive a postcard in the email like below:
The recipient receives a Slideshow and an Album link. A slideshow would look like the following:

Viewers are able to view also in Strip view mode where clicking on the central image brings up the full resolution of the picture where it can be saved and printed locally.

Useful Tips

  1. If you are getting “Error: Unable to copy file: Access is denied.” errors in the log, try removing the read-only attribute on the file causing the error.
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