Spoke to the #Feedly  folks, and #OPML  export is coming to…

Rich Levin - Google+ - Spoke to the #Feedly  folks, and #OPML  export is coming to…

Spoke to the #Feedly  folks, and #OPML  export is coming to Feedly. That's a big plus. I can't commit to any RSS platform that doesn't allow me to move my feeds around.

I've asked them when "Normandy" will ship. Will advise.

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Gary Richmond
24 Mar 2013
+Rich Levin I quite agree. t
The inability to export OPML is a deal breaker. I recently starting using  Feedly because I could easily import my Google Reader RSS subscriptions but I don't want to entrust myself entirely to another third party. So, I exported my feeds via Google's Takeout as a zip file and imported them to Thunderbird too. It was very easy. I should be able to do the same with any desktop RSS clients too.

Hell, this whole business might finally encourage me to start my first proper Python project by coding a RSS reader. It won't have all the bells and whistles of the professional efforts but it will be my own and entirely outside the control of anyone else's whims.

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