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Use Dropbox

Bump is great, but as I've already pointed out, it is efficient only if you occasionally use it. If you want all of your photos on your PC, there are better options.

One such choice is the venerable cloud storage service Dropbox. Pretty much everyone knows about Dropbox, the site that gives you 2GB of online storage for free. It also offers oodles of opportunities to get gigabytes of additional storage without forcing you to break out your credit card. A client app makes it easy to drag and drop files to the cloud from within Windows.

What many people don't know is that a recent update to Dropbox's iOS app can automatically upload all of your photos and video to Dropbox for you. All you need to do is start the Dropbox app on your iPhone or iPad and any new photos and videos will automatically get transferred to Dropbox (and therefore any PCs to which you are syncing). This is a truly amazing feature. For the first time, I can now get to all of my phone's photos from wherever I am, on whatever device or PC I happen to be using. And the Dropbox app is, of course, free.

CameraSync is Fully Automatic

But as good as Dropbox is, you still have to start the app in order to kick off the sync. Who has time for that? That's where CameraSync comes in.

CameraSync is an iOS app that takes the basic idea behind Dropbox (automatically sync your photos with the cloud) and turns it up to 11. This $2.99 app takes all of your latest photos and videos and copies them to the service of your choice (including Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, and Flickr) whenever you arrive at a specific location. CameraSync relies on your phone's location services to start doing its thing. So I can specify home and work, for example, (two places with Wi-Fi) and CameraSync will place my newest stuff in Dropbox for me.

In order to use the location-aware feature in CameraSync, you need an iPhone 4 or better, or an iPad 2 or newer.