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Bookmark Favicon Changer :: Add-ons for Firefox

Message From Developer

            You may wonder why all of my add-ons stop updating. It is simply because I quit using Firefox. Due to Mozilla remove some functions in Firefox 22, making my best add-on “Bookmark Favicon Changer” 100% incompatible. And it is unfixable (please see bug 834457 for more technical information). Without “Bookmark Favicon Changer”, I think my Firefox is not better than other browser. And it is really worse because other browsers are faster than Firefox. If you look at this statistic, more and more Firefox user is decline. It’s simply because Firefox is killing their advantage part – “Add-on”.

            In the past, I was so proud that I was one of the developers. But the situation was changed. Due to rapid release cycle of Firefox, it was so painful that nearly every 6 weeks, one of my add-on needed to fix. Look, I have a regular job, it was severely burden to monitor, test my add-on for every new Firefox release. Some of the bugs that they created in new Firefox were not documented. And I need a lot of time to figure it out what was going on and needed more time to search and tried a new way to fix it. But surely, my users (all of you), gave me some strength for continuing it. And I realized that, I really appreciated. But finally, in Firefox 22, it was unfixable. I am sorry, but I can say, “Bookmark Favicon Changer” is dying.

            For a long time, Firefox seem to be the best browser that had highest ability because it had tons of add-on. Who care about a little bit slower if Firefox can do much more things. But after Firefox 4, more and more add-ons were incompatible. Example is one of my favorite Add-on “CheckPlaces” (Please see comment from Andy Halford, the developer of CheckPlaces). Mozilla do not freeze their API functions and they do not make backward compatibility. They don’t care about add-on. If your add-on is not name “AdBlock Plus”, “Firebug”, “DownThemAll”, “TabMixPlus”, etc., they will see your add-on as a trash and defect things which make Firefox slower and unstable.

            No one can explain this situation better than DiCarlo (Ex-Mozilla Employee). You can read his comment at here.

            Now, I have changed my default browser to SRWare Iron. It’s simply “Google Chrome” but remove some privacy code (such as tracking code and unique user ID). And this, by theory, should make SRWare Iron faster. Yes, it is painful initially when starting to use SRWare Iron. It need time to get used to it, need time to find add-on. And need time to find alternative way when something is not perfect. But finally, this period of time had pass and I think I am very happy with it.

            How about my Add-on code, it is licensed by GNU General Public License, version 3.0 which mean you can freely use it if your new program is GNU General Public License, version 3.0. Please include my name in your program too. But I warn you that you must face the rapid release crash cycle every 6 weeks. I don’t think it is a good idea. Moving to other browser is a better choice.

            Thank for reading it. May be you will meet me again. I will not reply to the “User Reviews” in Firefox Add-on Page any more. But I may still reply some emails. I will stop activity for all of my add-ons including “Bookmark Favicon Changer”, “Gmail Watcher”, “Hotmail Watcher”, “Yahoo Mail Watcher” and “Yandex Mail Watcher”. Please forgive me. Sorry that my English is not good. I hope every user's fine, get good luck, get good health, get good love and get long life. Bye.

Sonthakit Leelahanon
27 Mar 2013

Bookmark Favicon Changer 1.74

by sonthakit

Right click your bookmark to change favicon.


About this Add-on

This version is the leatest and last version.
No more update from me. Please click here for more information


Right click at your bookmark (Bookmark menu, Bookmark toolbar, Bookmark sidebar, Bookmark manager); the popup menu with option "Change Favicon", "Reset Favicon", "Remove Favicon" and "Export Favicon" will appear.

File types support are ico, bmp, dib, gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, jif, jfi, jfif, png, apng, svg (every file types that Firefox or SeaMonkey support including URL).

Support every size of image file. There is no different in disk space requirement between big and small image size. Every image will be resized and changed to 16x16 pixels png files and saved.

After changing favicon, there is no need for that favicon file to exist again.

Bookmark folder, Livemark container and livemark item favicon can be changed too! (Note that form Firefox version 13 and SeaMonkey version 2.10, you cannot chage favicon of livemark item. Livemark item do not support favicon anymore and has only two icon stage: "not visited" and "visited").

After changing favicon, you can reset it back or remove it and use the default one.

Support bookmark favicon export. No matter what it is the original favicon or changed favicon.

[Optional] When you backup bookmark, you can embed favicon data in it (only JSON file format). So you can get these favicons back easily when restore bookmark.

Trustworthy because "Bookmark Favicon Changer" is the open source extension. You can check it by yourself that there is no backdoor or any harmful things inside (Note: Mozilla require you to log in before you can view the source online).

"Bookmark Favicon Changer" has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. It has been selected and added to Softpedia's database of software programs. To assure user that "Bookmark Favicon Changer" is clean, Softpedia have granted Bookmark Favicon Changer with the "100% FREE" Softpedia award.


This extension is designed for bookmark favicon only. Tab icon is not protected. You may see that tab icon is changed back, this is normal.

Animated favicon is not supported. Animated favicon will be changed to normal non-animated favicon and saved.

Only changing bookmark folder and livemark container favicon require bookmark sidebar and bookmark manager to reload. Reloading will be done automatically by my extension.

Bookmarks that have the same URL will have the same favicon. But folders that have the same label can have different favicon.

"Embed favicon data in JSON Bookmark backup file" can make backing up bookmark slower. And it will make Firefox and SeaMonkey quit slower too because Firefox and SeaMonkey normally automatic backup your bookmark when quit. The other thing is you can restore these favicons back only when this extension is installed and active.

Due to custom favicons for bookmarks and folders are not standard, they are applied methods. So, the other add-ons that do bookmark synchronizing such as firefox Sync, SeaMonkey Sync, Xmarks or FEBE may not understand this. They may not kind to your custom favicons and nothing I can do about this. The solution is to backup your favicon by enable "Embed favicon data in JSON Bookmark backup file" option or "export all custom favicons". This will help you by restor favicons back when something not right occur.

Mac OS X Only - "OS X Menu Bar" (topmost of the desktop) is the process outside Firefox and SeaMonkey, so it cannot be controlled effectively by my extension. Sometime you may notice that OS X Menu bar has a wrong favicon. Please see here for more detail.

Mac OS X Only - Firefox 9 and SeaMonkey 2.6 has a bug in menu. It do not show favicon. Please see this for more information.

Firefox Only - On rare occasion, you may experience firefox freeze or slow down. This usually occur by damaged "Places database" which caused by improper firefox shutdown or bug in firefox upgrading process. Due to this add-on use an extensive bookmark access (which is store in "Places database"), this error symptom will appear more easiler and more frequently. Please see this link and this link for more informations to solve the problem.

Suggest add-on combination

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Identfavicon - Use identicons to automatically generate favicons for sites without one.
HashColouredTabs+ - Improves tab identification by providing a small
colored icon for any site which doesn't have its own 'site icon'.

This version is the leatest and last version. No more update from me. Please click here for more information