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What's wrong with content management systems?

Nothing. They're great for big websites who have editors who login everyday and push new content through powerful workflows. But that's not everyone. That's not even most people. If you're like me, you're probably tired of logging in, wrestling with an archaic WYSIWYG editor and wondering why you must upload every new file by hand.

Maybe you're a web designer, juggling 10 different sites for different clients, wishing you'd written down those FTP details somewhere safer. If only changing some html were as easy as open->edit->save.

Why this is better

  • Simplicity. Edit your files on your computer, save and you're done.
  • No logins. No passwords to remember. woop!
  • Sharing. Need someone else to edit pages? Share the folder with them.
  • Backup. Everything is synced between your computer, Dropbox and DropPages. It's safe.
  • Fast. Quick to edit, quick to render.

Why not just edit static HTML directly?

  • Dropbox keeps each version of your file as you save it
  • Friendly URLs
  • Navigational elements are automatically generated
  • Content is Minified, GZipped and Cached for the best performance possible
  • Content is separated from HTML, helping to prevent invalid HTML creeping into your pages. Markdown is friendly to read and quick to write.