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Our RapidWeaver video tutorials help you build great websites.

Become an Expert
Become an expert

RapidWeaver Classroom is the most comprehensive RapidWeaver training resource available. Every feature of RapidWeaver is covered in detail, without leaving gaps or skipping key points -- and our tutorials are kept up-to-date with the latest changes.
Know the Tools
Know the tools

One of RapidWeaver's major strengths is its 3rd-party add-ons. RapidWeaver Classroom's curriculum includes a huge section of tutorials covering plugins, stacks and themes, so you will know what tools are available to you, as well as how to use them.
Gain Confidence Fast
Gain confidence FAST

You don't need to spend months learning how to use RapidWeaver before you even start developing your website. Our video tutorials will give you the confidence to begin building a professional, functional website in a matter of days.
Control Your Website
Control your website

RapidWeaver allows you to build great websites and maintain them yourself. The RapidWeaver Classroom tutorials train you to excel in developing your website, so you have control over the presentation and functionality of your content.

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