Technology Is The New Smoking | TechCrunch

A new British study released today backs up what we otherwise know intuitively, that Internet usage is increasingly becoming an addiction.

Out of 1000 people surveyed after being cut off from the Internet for 24 hours, 53% reported feeling “upset” about being deprived of online access and 40% said that they felt lonely after not being able to connect to the Internet. Participants described the digital detox akin to quitting drinking or smoking and one even said it was like having his hand chopped off (!).

This British survey comes after a University of Maryland study in April that came to pretty much the same conclusion — With one student saying that she was “itching like a crackhead” after abstaining from any form of media for 24 hours. Geez.

Add this insight to the yet un-proven concerns that smartphone usage leads to Cancer and the smoking analogy becomes more and more apt (see image left). But for the moment Googling the name of a movie you can’t remember is hands down a lot healthier than smoking an actual cigarette, at least physically. For the moment.


New Mac Purchases Bring iLife '11 to Users' Older Computers - Mac Rumors

Apple's new computers shipping with Lion do not include physical restore media and instead utilize a hidden recovery partition to allow users to reinstall their system software should the need arise. But as noted by Macworld, reinstallation of the iLife '11 software included on new Macs occurs via the Mac App Store, which recognizes the machines' iLife licenses and links them to users' Apple IDs during the initial setup process.

But one key feature of the Mac App Store is that a single purchased license permits downloading of the software to any machines owned or controlled by the person linked to that Apple ID and logged in with the account. That key feature means that the iLife licenses issued to new computers via the Mac App Store permit users to download the software to their other Macs that may not have been upgraded to the latest version of iLife.

Purchase an app on your laptop, and you can launch the Mac App Store app on your iMac, click the Purchases button, and install that same app without having to purchase it again.

The iLife license you get when you set up one of the latest Macs is no different. Which means that if you haven’t yet gotten around to upgrading to iLife ’11, buying a new Mac mini or MacBook Air essentially gets you iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand for all your Macs running OS X 10.6.6 or later (since you need at least that version of Snow Leopard to run the Mac App Store). And this isn’t sneaky or dishonest—it’s right there in the Mac App Store’s software license.

The report notes that the policy only applies to iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, as Apple is in the process of phasing out iWeb and iDVD and does not offer them for download via the Mac App Store or include them on the new MacBook Air and Mac mini. The applications were included in the boxed version of iLife '11, but did not receive any meaningful updates from the iLife '09 versions, meaning that users with fully-updated iLife '09 installed are already running the most up-to-date versions of iWeb and iDVD anyway.

Next-gen WiFi - 60 mile range

Next-gen WiFi will let you connect to a Time Machine 60 miles away and ditch your cellular data

The IEEE standards body that oversees the development of WiFi technology announced today a next-generation WiFi 802.22 technology designed to facilitate wireless data transfer up to 22Mbps over great distances up to 60 miles, or a hundred kilometers. The interesting thing is, the new technology is utilizing television bands without interfering with reception of existing TV broadcast stations:
This new standard for Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs) takes advantage of the favorable transmission characteristics of the VHF and UHF TV bands to provide broadband wireless access over a large area up to 100 km from the transmitter. Each WRAN will deliver up to 22 Mbps per channel without interfering with reception of existing TV broadcast stations, using the so-called white spaces between the occupied TV channels.
The technology will be great in rural areas and developing countries with vacant TV channels, IEEE says. In our view, this could also knock out any rationale for the much talked-about AT&T/T-Mobile merger. For example, why use pricey cellular data if your phone is within the range of a 802.22 hotspot? Apple is one of the leading backers of WiFi and has long ago incorporated wireless capabilities to all their products. As of recently, Apple ships its Macs with souped up WiFi capable of hitting 450Mbps over wireless networks, even though they aren’t advertising this as a feature.


BBC News - IT giants 'ripping off Whitehall', say MPs

Woman typing on laptop computer  

Civil servants need to improve their knowledge of IT before negotiating contracts, MPs say

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Government departments have been ripped off by an "oligopoly" of IT giants, a damning report by a committee of MPs has found.
Some were paying as much as 10 times the commercial rate for equipment and up to £3,500 on a single desktop PC.

The public administration committee said an "obscene amount of public money" was being wasted on IT.

The government said it was already making "significant improvements" to the way it bought computer equipment.

Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to bring the curtain down on the era of vast government IT projects that had dominated Labour's time in power.

The coalition has called a halt to schemes costing more than £100m as it looks to reduce the UK's budget deficit.

In its report, the public administration committee recommends that departments across Whitehall use more small and medium-sized IT suppliers to increase competition and bring down prices.


OSX Lion’s Screen Recording Improvements and New Sharing Features

Lion’s QuickTime Player: Screen Recording Improvements and New Sharing Features

Screens for Mac Makes VNC Easy and Organized - MacStories

MacStories - Read more

I’m a big fan of Edovia’s Screen VNC client for the iPhone and iPad. Whilst I still use LogMeIn when I need to access my computer’s filesystem remotely and I enjoy the service’s social features and network-recognition capabilities (when combined with Hamachi), my basic VNC needs can be easily satisfied with Screens, which provides a very intuitive interface to set up new computers, connect to them, and use them. I don’t recall a single time I haven’t used Screens at least once a day in the past few months to quickly connect to my iMac while I’m on the couch, and fire up some Spotify through the room. For quick connections, Screens is a great app — it even works on 3G and remote Wi-Fi networks thanks to a companion desktop app that will make your Mac available outside your local network.

In my overview of the improved Screen Sharing app in OS X Lion, I detailed how Apple enhanced the system utility with new clipboard features, per-user login, and possibility of grabbing a screenshot of the connected machine. With Screens for Mac, released last week, Edovia offers an alternative to Apple’s default Screen Sharing app that doesn’t have new breakthrough functionalities, but dramatically improves the organization of your remote desktops, and gives you more control over what you’re connecting to.

How To Set Up A VPN Server On Your Mac and Access Everything Remotely With An iPhone

How To Set Up A VPN Server On Your Mac and Access Everything Remotely With An iPhone

How To Set Up A VPN Server On Your Mac and Access Everything Remotely With An iPhone

by Federico Viticci

Last weekend I decided that I wanted to try to set up a VPN server on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.6. What’s that? — you may ask. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a type of Internet connection that allows users to establish a secure connection between a computer or a mobile device and a server. The cool thing about the secure connection is that all traffic is “tunneled” through a cryptographic system that makes it almost impossible (let’s say very difficult) for hackers or people who want to take a peek at your Internet traffic to access your data. There are several implementations of VPN out there, but the main concept is that through a secure connection multiple computers and devices can stay on the same local “virtual network”.

Hamachi: A Powerful, Free Alternative to Apple's Back to My Mac

Hamachi: A Powerful, Free Alternative to Apple's Back to My Mac

Once installed on multiple computers, what Hamachi does is very simple: it lets two or more machines communicate with each other within a “group” (Hamachi calls it “Network”) and share some functionalities of the OS as if they were on the same local network. These computers can actually “see” each other even if they’re connected remotely through Hamachi’s tunneled service.

Basically, it’s like plugging two computers together with a virtual cable that runs on the Internet and it’s entirely secure. With this method, a MacBook Pro and an iMac installed in two different locations will be capable of interacting with each other’s filesystem, screen, or iTunes library. As you can guess, this turns Hamachi into a powerful (and free up to 16 computers for non-commercial use) alternative to Apple’s Back to My Mac service, which is a feature of the (paid) MobileMe.

As you can see in the image above, not only does Hamachi put a remote shared iTunes library into your computer, but it also completely emulates Back to my Mac’s functionality when it comes to accessing another (non-local) computer from the Finder’s sidebar. You’ll be able to screenshare, navigate the filesystem, and open shared folders as if the remote Mac was on your local network. VNC, AFP and SMB work perfectly with Hamachi, which is nothing but a lightweight VPN client that establishes a secure connection between two computers that are not running on the same network.

To achieve the same configuration of the screenshot above, you just need to sign up for a new Hamachi account. Existing LogMeIn users can add the service to their account, or sign up and “link it” later. Here’s what you have to do: download and install Hamachi on your first Mac, and create a new network. Choose a network ID (preferably one that people can’t guess) and a strong password. Hit Create and wait for Hamachi to finish its initial synchronizing process; your Mac will be assigned a virtual local IP address, and you should see a green status icon next to the network’s name and your computer in Hamachi’s main window. Now open your second machine, and install Hamachi because you’ll need to join the network you’ve created on the first Mac. Choose “Join an existing network” from the menubar, type in the Network ID and password, and hit Join. Within seconds, your Macs will be “connected” to each other through Hamachi’s VPN and you should see a new icon pop up in your Finder’s sidebar showing a computer under the Shared tab. Of course, you need to have File Sharing and Screen Sharing enabled in System Preferences to be able to remotely control a screen, or open shared folders. If everything has been set up correctly, you should have a fast and reliable alternative to Back to My Mac up and running on all your computers. In addition to file sharing functionalities and iTunes Home Sharing, Hamachi also comes with a plethora of settings to play with to adjust security, UI and connections, plus a neat Chat feature that’s encrypted in AES-256 and enables you to securely chat with another (hopefully trusted) person that’s using a remote computer.


The Real Blogger Status: Make An IFrame To Contain Another Blog On Your Blog Page

iframe code:
<iframe frameborder="0" height="500" src="[XXX]" width="100%"></iframe>
(and see: How to embed webpage in blog with iFrame ~ the original Blogger Tips and Tricks )


When you want to merge two websites (either or both being a blog), yet keep the content of each separate, the most obvious solution is to use the same template on each, and link between the two in a consistent fashion. The reader of either blog never has to know when he's viewing the other, unless he habitually observes the content of the browser Address window.

But how about if you would like to display one blog, in its entirety, in the middle of the other blog page? That's a feature called an IFrame. It's a deceptively simple solution too.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="400" src="http://bloggerstatusforreal.blogspot.com/2007/11/make-iframe-to-contain-another-blog-on.html" width="100%"></iframe>

Adding Blogger Blog To Web Site


Most of us who blog just setup a blog, and start. Some people already have a web site, and simply want to add a Blogger blog to the web site. Other people have two (or more) blogs, and want to display all blogs as one.

You can combine your blogs and / or web sites using several techniques - and each different technique produces a slightly different effect.

Build A Quick and Simple Portfolio With Albolio.Com -More Photography Tips | Simplyness Photography Blog


Albolio is a service design to help us create a quick and simple Photosite by using our flikr or Picasa photostreams as source. I found it while browsing the numerous apps in the flickr App Garden. The sample screenshot easily caught my eye and after reading the short feature list, I decided to try it out.

Personal photo gallery software - x7 flickr photos

flogr - Personal photo gallery for your flickr photos - Google Project Hosting

Flickr Easy Photo Post - Greasemonkey - 6V8 - Production of my Mind

Albolio: Picasa & Flickr at Facebook and your personal photo site

Boinx Software - PhotoPresenter - Overview

Slickr YAY!

YoxView - jQuery image viewer plugin

Michael Mase | design & development for web

web album vanroekel analysis and operational (14-12-2010)

web album vanroekel analysis and operational  (14-12-2010)

closer look at 3rd party embed instructions referred to by vanroekel - here: SimpleViewer Embedding Guide - relevant to embedding pwa+php solution

A - general principles:
  • place entire contents of viewer/gallery folder in same folder that contains the html page (Page) in which the photos are to be viewed
  • locate and copy the "embed code"
  • paste the embed code in the body of Page where the album/gallery is to appear
  • load browser and test if it works
B - in the vanroekel solution files:
  • a separate html file is provided, from which the embed code is extracted
  • some code to paste in the header
  • some code topmast in the body
  • throw away code-donor html file after doing this
C - adjust variables width, height etc in the 'other files' comprising the viewer


Install Lion - Setup Assistant Completes the Install

Install Lion - Setup Assistant Completes the Install

nb: Install Lion Using a Bootable DVD

Install Lion Using a Bootable DVD

Install Lion Using a Bootable DVD

nb: Install Lion - Setup Assistant Completes the Install

Tips on Pictures In Blogger. ~ Tips for Bloggers

Tips on Pictures In Blogger. ~ Tips for Bloggers

Compatible Photo Gallery at Blogger Software Informer

Compatible Photo Gallery at Blogger Software Informer

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery 12.0

Developer Microsoft
Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free picture and video clip organizer.
My Pictures 3D Album

My Pictures 3D Album 0.9

Developer VicMan Software
create & share 3D photo albums.
Web Gallery Builder

Web Gallery Builder 1.9

Developer UpClock Software
A simple solution for uploading your images as a gallery but with some bugs.
A4Desk Flash Photo Gallery Builder

A4Desk Flash Photo Gallery Builder 1.9

Developer FAICO Information Solutions
A4Desk Flash Photo Gallery Builder is a nice flash album creation tool.

Free photo album maker for blogger Download - Photo album maker for blogger for Windows

Free photo album maker for blogger Download - Photo album maker for blogger for Windows

Photo album maker for blogger

Sothink Photo Album Maker

Sothink Photo Album Maker

5 1 Developer SourceTec Software Users 688 License Shareware File size 11.11 MB
It is an ideal software to categorize all your favorite photos.

Collage Maker

Collage Maker

4.1 17 Developer Galleria Software Users 2 934 License Shareware File size 12.9 MB
Collage Maker is a powerful & easy to use software to build great photo collages.

More Photo album maker for blogger

Photo Album HTML at Blogger Software Informer

Photo Album HTML at Blogger Software Informer

Web Photo Album

Web Photo Album 1.0

Developer VicMan Software
Web Photo Album let publish our photos in the web site pho.to or in our web.
AAA Photo Album

AAA Photo Album 2.0

Developer SWGSoft, Inc.
AAA Photo Album is a web album creator that works in Windows.
Photo Album Designer

Photo Album Designer 1.2

Developer NeoImagic Computing, Inc.
Create our own special photo album with/without text and audio.
3D Photo Album Screensaver

3D Photo Album Screensaver 1.3

Developer SanDisk Secure Content Solutions
3D Photo Album Screensaver will display your favorite photos on your screen.

Photo Albums for Blogger. ~ The Blog Doctor.

Thumbnail Albums for Blogger. ~ The Blog Doctor.

Thumbnail albums can be created in Blogger using software or by hardcoding them in the Edit Html tab of the post Editor. It is preferable to do the latter as it gives you better control besides saving on the cost of third party software.....

The first step is to upload your image to a freehost like Googlepages. Do not upload to Blogger as it resizes your image to arbitrary sizes. After uploading image as described in Upload Files to Blogger copy down the link to the image. Then login to Dashboard of Blogger and click on +New Post link. The Post Editor opens and click on Edit Html tab ofPost Editor. Use the following code to paste the image in it :

image name

Adjust the numbers 50 by clicking on the Preview link in top frame of Post Editor. This uses HTML to resize your image. Because of this the image loads faster. As an example I have used this function to load a wallpaper of Andrea Rincon below.

The actual size of this image is 1024 by 768 pixels. Click on the image to see actual size.

SiteSucker for Mac OS X

SiteSucker for Mac OS X

SiteSucker for Mac OS X

What is SiteSucker?

SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by asynchronously copying the site's Web pages, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. Just enter a URL (Uniform Resource Locator), press return, and SiteSucker can download an entire Web site.

SiteSucker can be used to make local copies of Web sites. It can download files unmodified or "localize" the files it downloads, allowing you to browse a site offline.

HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser

Version 3.44-1 (02/28/2011)

Many engine fixes since older 3.4X releases

Installing HTTrack: Go to the download section now!
For help and questions: Visit the forum, Read the documentation, Read the FAQs

Screenshot of Windows GUI


HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser utility.

It allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.

WinHTTrack is the Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven release of HTTrack, and WebHTTrack the Linux/Unix/BSD release. See the download page.

New Mac Mini Benchmarks - Huge Performance Gains - Mac Rumors

Just like early reports on the new MacBook Air released yesterday, the new Mac mini is also showing significant improvements in raw performance over its predecessor machines. Mac mini web hosting company Macminicolo.net has obtained both standard and server models of the new line and put them through some preliminary benchmarking using Geekbench.

Blog Offline with Google Gears at Blog.gears


bloggears_slide.jpgInspiration for great blog posts can be fleeting, but a lack of internet access can leave ideas in the dust. Webapp Blog.gears uses Google Gears to synchronize with a Blogger account to bridge that gap. Blog.gears allows Blogger authors to create new posts and edit older ones and synchronizes the data upon connection. The offline editor doesn't offer any of the rich text features as the online site, but it could work great for ideas you don't want to forget about later. Blog.gears requires a free Blogger account and Google Gears, and runs wherever Internet Explorer or Firefox do.

Lion Mail: Faster, full-screen, and feature-packed | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Lion Mail: Faster, full-screen, and feature-packed | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
During my testing of OS X Lion during the last month, I decided to take a break from my beloved Sparrow to see if the reboot of Mail.app could bring me back into the fold. I hate to tell the Sparrow team, but I'm heading to back to Mail. In this post, I'll discuss the features that have made me happy with Mail again

Mac OS X Lion and Mission Control | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

by Dave Caolo Jul 20th 2011 at 12:15PM

Lion's Mission Control represents the evolution of three technologies introduced with earlier versions of Mac OS X: Spaces, Exposé and Dashboard. With Mac OS X Lion, Apple has merged the three into a single interface, called Mission Control. It offers an at-a-glance overview of the applications and documents you've got open as well as distinct virtual workspaces (which I'll call "desktops"). With Mission Control, you can keep applications separated while maintaining a bird's-eye view of what's going on. Here's what you need to know about Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion.

Lion: Ten things that bug me | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

It's not that I hate OS X 10.7 Lion. It's an excellent operating system. It's just that there are a bunch of things that make me throw up my hands and say, "What were you thinking, Apple. Are you trying to make the MobileMe Operating System?" Are there no OCD slave-drivers left at Infinite Loop any more making sure that each OS feature is absolutely perfect?

Things You Should Do After Installing OS X Lion | TechCrunch

Posted 17 hours ago.
Lion is here — and as MG summed up in just 3,000 words, it’s great.
No operating system is perfect, though. At least, not for everyone, and especially not right out of the (non-existent) box. Looking to make your Lion experience that much better, we’ve bundled together a bevy of tips and tricks that you really ought to have ready on your first trip into the new OS.
Now, something to keep in mind: these tips aren’t one-size-fits-all. Read through the list and pick out the ones that sound good, and be sure to drop a comment if you’ve got a tip of your own.

Whirlpool Forums - The Australian internet and technology discussion forums

Whirlpool Forums

Know your ISP.

VOIP and SIP News

VOIP and SIP News

Blog Archive

SIP Connect - Telstra Enterprise & Government

SIP Connect - Telstra Enterprise & Government

Contact Us

  • Call your Telstra Account Executive
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Converge your voice and data onto a single IP network
Telstra SIP Connect enables you to converge your voice and data traffic over a single IP network. SIP Connect provides your premises-based voice equipment - Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Key Telephone System (KTS) - with access to Telstra’s Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via the Telstra Next IP™ network.

SIP Connect allows you to further leverage the benefits of the Telstra Next IP™ network through increased bandwidth efficiency, reduced infrastructure maintenance costs and on-net calling between your Telstra SIP Connect services, as well as providing your business with access to the latest voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

SIP Connect is also compatible with Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT), Telstra’s fully hosted IP Telephony solution, enabling hybrid solutions that use both premises-based and hosted telephony services to create a tailored solution that delivers the features and functionality of IP telephony.

The solution provides:

  • PSTN connectivity to PBX/KTS systems via ISDN or IP* interface
  • Direct in-dial
  • On-net calling
  • Extension level billing
  • Variable call capacity from as little as two voice lines
  • A choice of either Business Lines or Business Trunks feature set
  • Hybrid hosted & CPE capability
  • Optional automated network failover
  • Optional mobility services
  • 24/7 single point of contact

All voice and data traffic is carried over Telstra’s Next IP™ network, which has IS0 27001 security certification.

*Refer to Telstra’s List of accredited PBX’s.

SIP Connect Brochure [PDF, 0.11 MB]


Microsoft - ultimate insight

...a random gem:
"The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the day they start making vacuum cleaners." (by unknown)