Presentations skills - present like Steve Jobs

"zen-like simplicity"

"simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication"....
"the elimination of clutter"....
"sticks to the rule of 3"....
"uses very little text and only one or two images per slide"....
"rehearse, rehearses, rehearses - he practices relentlessly"....
"opens and closes each segment with a clear transition"....
"maintains eye contact"....
"maintains an open posture"....
"expansive hand gestures"....
"no bullet points"

"Get a Mac" - truth in advertising....

Apple produced dozens of TV and internet advertisements poking fun at the problems and frustrations experienced by Microsoft/PC users - all the ads are linked below:

see all the Apple ads here:
2009 http://www.fansofapple.com/site/?page_id=2912
2008 http://www.fansofapple.com/site/?page_id=2910
2007 http://www.fansofapple.com/site/?page_id=2906
2006 http://www.fansofapple.com/site/?page_id=2915
or see them here


Web 3.0 up next - by Ideas Garden

"Web 3.0 - This time its personal" (Slideshare presentation)

Larry Lessig - copyright laws

Larry Lessig - laws that choke creativity

Lawrence Lessig: Re-examining the remix

Larry Lessig - laws that choke creativity

Lawrence Lessig: Re-examining the remix

"No expert has brought as much fresh thinking to the field of contemporary copyright law as has Lawrence Lessig.
A Harvard professor and founder of Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, this fiery believer foresaw the response a threatened content industry would have to digital technology -- and he came to the aid of the citizenry.
As corporate interests have sought to rein in the forces of Napster and YouTube, Lessig has fought back with argument -- take his recent appearance before the U.S. Supreme Court, fighting the extension of copyright protection from 50 to 70 years -- and with solutions: He chairs Creative Commons, a nuanced, free licensing scheme for individual creators.
Lessig possesses a rare combination of lawerly exactitude and impassioned love of the creative impulse. Applying both with equal dedication, he has become a true hero to artists, authors, scientists, coders and opiners everywhere."

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates - Joint Interview

a joint appearance at "All Things Digital 5", Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss their contributions to the technology industry and the qualities they most respect in one another: