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Top Streaming Content Apps & Sites | iFans

world-musicWith internet speeds steadily increasing, the big thing these days is on-line content streaming. There are a good number of HTML5 based websites and audio streaming apps out there that you can use to play content on your iPhone and iPod touch.  At this juncture I thought it would be good to let you know what I’ve come across on my cyber travels and maybe we can all compare notes in the discussion thread to see if there’s any more hot apps or great sites out there that anyone knows about.

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Unfortunately, despite the explosive force of globalisation, streaming content providers are ham-stringed by antiquated copyright laws and country specific legislation.  This means that a lot of the streaming content available out there is country specific and, while in specific cases there is sometimes a simple way of getting around this limitation, the only really effective way to get access to many international streams is to set up or pay for subscription to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in the country where the content you want is being broadcast.

Anyway, without further ado here’s my list of sites and apps I have come across that you may or may not know of .  N.b. for facilitated access to the internet sites listed below you may want to put an icon on your Springboard using the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option within.

Streaming TV & Video:

BBC iPlayer (Web, free) [Stu's Pick] – incorporating a hand picked selection of BBC TV programs from the last 7 days with a channel guide and BBC radio.  UK only.
TVCatchUp (Web, free) [Stu's Pick] – Provides real time streaming of UK TV channels, though quality and speed can be an issue if you don’t have a great connection. UK only and requires free registration.

ABC.com (Web, free) – watch ABC’s selection of prime US content including serials such as Lost, Private Practics, Scrubs and a bunch of other less interesting content. US only.
NBC.com (Web, free) – NBC shows including Heroes, Jay Leno, The Office (US), Saturday Night Live etc. and a bunch of their classic shows from the past (e.g. Buck Rogers Miami Vice, Magnum P.I.).  US only.

On Demand Music

Spotify (App Store, free) – The UK’s preeminent music streaming site. Available only in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France & Spain due to licensing subscriptions.  A premium subscription (€9.99 pcm) is required for the App Store app to work.

Rhapsody (App Store, free) – Access over 9 million full length songs. Requires an active Rhapsody Go subscription ($14.99 pcm) or trial to work. US only.

Grooveshark (Cydia, free) [Stu's Pick] – As Apple have repeatedly rejected their app from the App Store, Grooveshark went underground and released on Cydia for use by the jailbroken masses.  You’ll need a Grooveshark subscription to get it to work but  it’s very reasonable at $3 pcm or $30 pa. The more canny jailbreakers will probably be delving in the /var/tmp folder early on and one presumes this may cause Grooveshark some issues going forward. Available globally w/o restriction.

Pandora (App Store, free) [Stu's Pick] – The number one free content music streaming app in the US that learns from your music preferences to provide a stream of tracks that you may not know and may actually enjoy. Ad supported and US only due to restrictions.

Slacker Radio (App Store, Free) – Very similar set up to Pandora but the algorithms to choose music based on preferences don’t appear to be as ‘intelligent’, though Slacker’s interface is definitely more appealing. Visual and audio ad supported unless you purchase subscription ($19.88 for 4 months, $47.99 for 12 months). Free use requires free subscription. Restricted to US only.


WunderRadio (App Store; $6.99) [Stu's Pick]- If you enjoy radio then this app needs to be on your springboard. It provides a wide band of global radio streams with multiple bit rates, great functionality and it allows you to surf the web in-app while you are listening. Unrestricted global access.

Public Radio (App Store, Free) – Streaming internet public radio stations & a selection of on-demand programs.  All US based stations but the app works globally.

Internet Radio Box (App Store, on sale $0.99)[Stu's pick] – At the current sale price of $0.99 it’s a must have. If you feel you can’t stump up seven bucks for WunderRadio then this is your next best bet – it may even be better value for moneyat the full price of $2.99 to be honest though I haven’t yet spent enough hours with it to fully vouch this fact. Global streaming radio that works in most countries with lots of functionality and a web browser to boot.

aBowman - spider embed widget (etc)


New Embed Code for WP.com Users

March 6th, 2011
I added some new embed code to a lot of the widgets tonight that will work for people who host their blogs on WordPress.com.

aBowman Dog

December 22nd, 2010
The aBowman Dog is now available as a gadget on iGoogle.  You can change the look of the dog here and then add the gadget to iGoogle by pressing the button below the customization form.  Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some new features, optimizing the code and fixing bugs.

Minor Groovy Fish Update

March 17th, 2010
The update I applied today to the Groovy Fish Android app fixes the anti-aliasing issue users were experiencing on the Droid and Nexus One. Those users should no longer see distorted graphics (jagged edges on the fish and lily pads) after installing the update.

Groovy Fish now on Android Phones

December 20th, 2009
The new Groovy Fish application is now available for download on the Android Marketplace. Groovy Fish is a lot like the Fish gadget, but also includes lily pads and flowers. Groovy Fish Groovy Fish Settings Groovy Fish Color Picker Groovy Fish Choose Fish to Color
QR Codes (Scan to download):

Newton’s Cradle Gadget

November 28th, 2008
Some of you have probably already seen the Newton’s Cradle gadget. Just figured I would announce it here for those who subscribe to the blog. It is currently available for iGoogle and Chumby. The Chumby version adds another dimension to the gadget, since it responds to tilting. I’ll be making it available to other sites soon.

New Hamster Gadget

November 17th, 2008
Check out the new Hamster gadget. I’ll be adding a Clearspring menu soon so that you can add it to sites other than iGoogle.

Add Gadgets to MySpace and Blogger

July 11th, 2008
Over the past week, I’ve been adding new buttons under each of the gadgets that allow you to easily add the gadgets to MySpace or Blogger.  Some of you may want to customize the gadget before adding it to your page.  To do that, click the “edit settings” link and use the form to adjust the colors or to change other values.  When you’re finished, click one of the “add to” buttons below the customized gadget to add it to your page.

Gadget HTML Code Updated

June 7th, 2008
Yesterday, I was testing out the gadgets on MySpace and I discovered that the embed code was no longer working. They must have recently changed the way they parse the code and rewrite it. I updated the gadget html code and it should now work for you. To get the code for your page, click on the edit settings link under the gadget. You should then see a text box under the edit settings form which contains the code.


Your Dropbox Account Just Got Even More Secure | Embargo Zone

Your Dropbox Account Just Got Even More Secure | Embargo Zone

August 26, 2012
dropbox logo
Today Dropbox has made it's users accounts safer, we've learned via Gizmodo.
The company is allowing two-step verification, a process which adds an extra layer of protection to accounts.

Once two-step is enabled, Dropbox will require a six-digit security code in addition to your password whenever you sign in to Dropbox or link a new computer, phone, or tablet, the company says.

Two-step verification is optional but we recommend you enable it for added protection.
To add two-step to your account:
  1. Head to www.dropbox.com and sign into the website
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right to open your account menu.
  3. Next, click Settings from the account menu and select the Security tab.
  4. Under the Account sign in section, next to Two-step verification, turn the feature on.
dropbox two step
Once you activate the feature, you'll be given the choice to receive your security code by text message or to use a mobile app.

This added security is a welcomed addition in the wake of recent hackings and Dropbox's own security breach earlier this month.

1TapVideo – One Tap Video – Instant Video Recording | 1Tapps

1TapVideo – One Tap Video – Instant Video Recording | 1Tapps


As simple and useful as the App Name, from the most valued 1Tapps series just record a video with one tap on the App Icon.

You tap the app Icon and instantly starts a 3secs timer, never miss again your child doing funny things. If you want a video faster than the first three seconds just tap again on the BIG SHOOT button. You can cancel the first video, just clicking over the BIG CLOCK countdown.
You tap the App and you know you will have the Video camera ready, never lose again a video because Photo camera is preselected!
Continue taking videos as fast as you can, no annoying and unnecessary animations between videos.

1TapVideo is the ideal app to keep in your dock for one-tap video recording.
Video Tutorial

Feature Highlights:
  • Record time counter
  • Change the capture resolution (1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 144p – depending on the device capacity)
  • iPhone 4 Torch Mode (Activates the flash as a video light)
  • 3 second timer to get just enough time to point the camera
  • Cancel the 3 seconds timer by tapping on it
  • Tap the App Icon and start recording
  • Tap & Focus
  • Auto Focus
  • Big Shoot Button
  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto White-Balance
  • Video is saved even if another app is launched, or you close the App while recording a video; video is saved in the background
  • Multi-Record

Spotify - CNET Download.com

Spotify - CNET Download.com

CNET Editors' review

by: Donald Bell on July 14, 2011
The bottom line: It's the best free music option since stealing.


As a first-time user, you install the free Spotify Mac/PC application, open it up, and watch as it automatically imports your music collection and playlists from iTunes and other music software and presents you with a landing page filled with new releases, top lists, and music shared by your friends. Setup is swift.

Spotify's polished, iTunes-like interface is as inviting to music fans as a well-stocked record bin. Each portion of the bento-boxlike layout can be resized, and playback, volume, and track scrubber controls are placed neatly across the bottom. Browser-style back and forward buttons located to the left of the search box allow you to dig your way back out out of the rabbit hole of music discovery.

Features and support
Spotify's big trick is a little search box at the top of the screen that lets you search for any reasonably popular artist, song, or album in existence and stream it immediately. You can't get The Beatles, but we had no problem finding greats like The Rolling Stones and David Bowie, as well as obscure indies such as The Ghastly Ones or Four Tet.

Put simply, you tell your computer what you want to hear, and it plays it for you...for free, and without limitations for up to six months. It doesn't play something similar to the song you want (like Pandora), or a 30- to 60-second clip of the song you want (like iTunes)--it plays you the whole song or album, just as if it were in your personal music collection.


Of course, there are a few other bells and whistles that make Spotify its own special thing. Facebook and Twitter integration enables you to easily share music discoveries with friends. Artist pages encourage discovery with bio pages and links out to similar artists and top hits of the decade to add context. Without any friction preventing you from jumping from one great song to the next, Spotify also provides a play queue off to the side, allowing you to stash your discoveries without interrupting the currently playing song.

Spotify's music service is uniquely generous, but it's not without limitations. Using the free version of the service, full songs can be streamed on demand in unlimited numbers for up to six months (with the occasional audio ad popping into rotation, similar to Pandora). After that time, free users can only play a given track a maximum of five times per month and are also subject to a cap of 10 hours of streaming per month. If you cough up $5 per month, those restrictions (and ads) disappear, but you're still limited to listening only from your computer. At $10 per month, you can use Spotify on mobile devices (including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7), and even cache your favorite music and playlists for offline listening.

We are happy to report that Spotify's song streams have a near-instant response upon start-up. For the most part, the experience feels just like listening to your locally stored music collection. The illusion is broken when you go to jump to the middle of a song or hit the skip button, which introduces a minor lag.

We had no issue with Spotify's default sound quality (96-160Kbps Ogg Vorbis), but fickle users have the option of digging into the software's Preferences and enabling high-quality streaming (320Kbps Ogg Vorbis).

Spotify walkthrough (photos)

1-2 of 10
Scroll Left Scroll Right


Should you try it? Absolutely. Any and all music fans are encouraged to give it a whirl. The smart people at Spotify have made the free service incredibly attractive to new users, and there's really nothing to lose. Whether you find it important enough to upgrade to Spotify's premium options is entirely up to you, but they seem like a great value for any music fan with an insatiable appetite.

Spotify launches free music service in Australia - May 22 2012

Spotify launches free music service in Australia 

07:00 AEST Tue May 22 2012



By Emily O'Keefe, ninemsn

Downloading songs for free online usually means one thing in Australia — piracy.
But from today Aussie music lovers will have a new, legal option of listening to their favourite tracks for free with the launch of the digital music service Spotify.

The company, which is heavily integrated with Facebook's social network, gives users access to up to 16 million tracks in exchange for listening to three to four minutes of advertising every hour.

Subscribers can pay a monthly fee of $11.99 in exchange for an ad-free version.
ninemsn is partnering with Spotify to promote this new digital music service and encourage subscriptions through Australia’s largest online portal. Click here to try Spotify for free.

Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2008 and now operates in 12 European countries as well as the US. Its Australian arm is headed by former Google Australia executive Kate Vale.
Breaking into the Australian music market was a high priority for Spotify, Ms Vale said.
"A few things stand out about the Australian market, one is that it’s the sixth largest music market in the world," she told ninemsn.

"We have an incredibly high smart phone penetration and Australians are also very social with a high Facebook penetration. Facebook integration is very key to any success in our market."

Spotify's launch in Australia will see it pitted against a dozen other digital subscription services including Rdio, but the company is the only to offer a free option.

More broadly, Spotify will also compete against downloads from iTunes.
"If you have a look at markets where iTunes and Spotify operate together you will see a trend," Ms Vale said.

"In Sweden and Norway we have overtaken iTunes in those markets and are now the number one digital contributor to the labels in those countries. And we are number two behind iTunes in all European markets and we are quickly catching up … we hope to see that trend occur here."

But Ms Vale said the main competition to Spotify was really piracy.
"Our major competitor and the people we are trying to get onto Spotify are those that are illegally downloading music," she said.

"I believe there are about 2.8 million Aussies illegally downloading music every month. I know that is quite high in terms of our overall population. It's around 10 percent."

Close to 100,000 Australians preregistered at the Spotify website to become the first to use the service today.

Source: Spotify
Author: Emily O'Keefe. Approving editor: Henri Paget.

Google+ App, iOS Users, Open URLs In Chrome, Join & Create Hangouts

Google+ App Lets iOS Users Open URLs In Chrome, Join & Create Hangouts

Google has released a new version of Google+ app for iOS. It finally allows users to join and create hangouts from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The update also relaxes age restrictions on Hangouts, opening up the service to teens as well

The most notable change, though, was the addition of Google Chrome as an option to open URLs from within the app, alongside mobile Safari.

Chrome for iOS released a few months back at Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference. Although third party browsers have very little to differentiate themselves due to Apple's App Store restrictions, Google went ahead and released Chrome anyway.

Google can't tap into the iOS system defaults, but it sure can use its own iOS Apps to at least offer an option to open URLs in Chrome. This could be another reason why Google decided to launch the Chrome browser for iOS.

But it doesn't offer a seamless experience. Apps should ideally open URLs in a browser window within the app


With Google's services gradually being ousted from the default iOS experience, the company will surely start releasing more native apps. The Google Maps and YouTube iOS apps are expected to be released very soon. This gives Google control over a large number of widely used apps, that it can in turn take advantage of, encouraging the use of Chrome.
Here are the release notes for the update:
  • Web links in posts now open in Chrome (if installed)
  • Teens can now join and create Hangouts
  • Instant Upload bug fixes to improve performance
Head over to the App Store to download the update.

Y Combinator -a new model of startup funding

Y Combinator

Forbes | Wired | Mixergy | Inc | WSJ | GQ | ATD | Fool | Time | BW | NYT | NW
"The most prestigious program for budding digital entrepreneurs"
In 2005, Y Combinator developed a new model of startup funding. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money (average $18k) in a large number of startups (currently 82). The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months, during which we work intensively with them to get the company into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present to a large audience of investors. But YC doesn't end on Demo Day. We and the YC alumni network continue to help founders for the life of their company, and beyond.
Since 2005 we've funded over 460 startups, including Loopt, Reddit, Clustrix, Wufoo, Scribd, Xobni, Omgpop, Weebly, Songkick, Disqus, Dropbox, ZumoDrive, Justin.tv, Heroku, A Thinking Ape, Machine Zone, Posterous, Airbnb, Heyzap, Cloudkick, DailyBooth, WePay, Bump, Stripe, CarWoo, MixPanel, Cardpool, Optimizely, AeroFS, E la Carte, and Hipmunk.

Learn more

Google Hangout But Without Google? Meetings.io Has A Solution

Want A Google Hangout But Without Google? YC-Alum Meetings.io Has A Solution For You | TechCrunch

Ingrid Lunden

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
meetings.io hangouts small
A startup that launched this week is vying to be the next great leap forward for the world of videoconferencing, the promising-but-still-relatively-niche service that lets groups of people in different locations hold Internet-based conversations with each other: Meetings.io, a Y-Combinator alum, has hit the market with just under $1 million in seed funding from (among others) Yuri Milner and SV Angel, and the promise of making a free group video call as easy as clicking on a link, with nothing else required.

Meetings.io is the latest step in the evolution of videoconferencing services, a classic example of enterprise-focused social networking, which have always held much potential but also frustrations. Starting out as services only for the biggest enterprises that could afford expensive equipment and software, eventually videoconferencing offerings trickled down to Internet-based, mass-market products for anyone (business or consumer) to use with a connected PC or mobile device equipped with a microphone and camera.
But even so, they came with a catch: with Skype, GoTo Meetings and WebEx, you need to download software, and pay fees (as you do with Skype to enable more than a one-to-one conversation); with Google, you need to join its social network to use Hangouts. “But you may not want to do that for someone who may be only a short-term contact,” says co-founder Arend Naylor (via a Meetings.io link).

And that’s before any and all technical glitches.

These are all barriers that Meetings.io is attacking with a very simple, peer-to-peer service aimed not at early adopters and those more technically-minded, but those who need to make a group call for work and without the painful process of setting that up. The aim: “Something lightweight that works without software,” says Naylor. The result: to initiate a call, a registered user simply sends out a link, or invites people to visit a meeting room.

With Meetings.io going after a clear hole in the market to make videoconferencing easier, it has attracted some good interest early on.

Within the first eight hours of launch, the service signed up 13,000-15,000 users, and hosted 3,000-4,000 meetings — good numbers for a service that didn’t launch with any fanfare and is essentially aiming at enterprise users, not consumers. Among investors, Milner and SV Angel, TechCrunch understands, both doubled down in the seed round.

Currently the free service maxes out at five people, but there are plans to raise that number for those who want to pay for a premium offering. Registered users also get their own “meeting rooms” where people can visit to talk, as well as other free services, such as document transfer, notes, live chats and screen shares.

Services that the team hopes to add (and potentially charge for) might include extras like SMS, says Naylor. The company is also considering APIs, as well as versions in development that work on iOS and Android devices.

Another issue Naylor and co-founder Denis Mars wanted to address was that, in their view, Skype also doesn’t scale well enough to account for short-term and long-term contacts. “It just gets too bloated,” says Naylor.

One example of that problem was at Y-Combinator itself. The group now uses Meetings.io to interview candidates and prepare successful teams before their arrival in Mountain View. But before that, YC backers were using Skype.

“The problem was that they had 400-500 alums, people in the network, plus the same again in candidates who didn’t make the cut. All of them were on Skype.” That meant that every time a YC partner signed on, there would be hundreds of people trying to get in touch. “To have people meet in an intermediary place is a lot more useful.”

Company: Meetings.io
Website: meetings.io
With Meetings.io you can meet face to face with anyone from around the world within your web browser. Meet with a client, a customer, your project team or your co-workers in person without ever leaving your desk by simply creating a tiny meeting room link and sharing the link with anyone you want to meet with. You can re-use your meeting room as many times as you want and you can have people drop in and out of the your...

Skype - call a Skype user in a html page | enarion.net

Skype - call a Skype user in a html page | enarion.net


Introduction to html-based Skype interaction

When the user has installed Skype, one can open Skype directly from a webpage. The protocol is skype:skypename – and optional flags.

The example will use the chinese demo user of Skype (echo-chinese) – which will record a call and play it back or ping back the typed in chat messages.

Call a skype user

The optional flag is call – to force Skype to call somebody. It can also be left out – but if the user changed the default behaviour to e.g. chat – Skype will open an IM session instead. So – go the save way and use the call – flag.

Example: call a Skype user

call echo-chinese with Skype
<a href="skype:echo-chinese?call">call echo-chinese with Skype</a>

Send an Skype IM message to a Skype user

The optional flag is chat. See the example below to see the usage in a html page.

Example: send a chat message to a Skype user

<a href="skype:echo-chinese?chat">Chat with echo-chinese</a>


Send a voicemail to a Skype user

The optional flag is voicemail – as you might have guessed.

Example: send a voicemail to Skype user

<a href="skype:echo-chinese?voicemail">Send voicemail to echo-chinese</a>


Create a Skype conference call with multiple users

This is as easy as the examples above – just more usernames before the “?” and call as flag.

Example: create a Skype conference call

<a href="skype:echo-chinese;echo123?call">conference call with echo-chinese and echo123</a>


Create a conference chat with multiple users

Same as conference call – with chat as flag.

Example: open a conference chat with multiple users – in html

<a href="skype:echo-chinese;echo123?chat">conference chat with echo-chinese and echo123</a>

Google Play review - Telegraph

Google Play review - Telegraph

The new Google Play app store replaces the Android Market, but it’s a rebranding exercise rather than a revamp, says Matt Warman.

4 out of 5 stars

Google Play replaces Android Market. 
Why is Google not making much of an impact on the tablet market, yet its phones are taking over the world? According to Android boss Andy Rubin at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress, it’s because consumers do not see the platform as an ecosystem. They do, however, see Apple's iTunes Store as a comprehensive place for movies, games, apps and music.
It’s in that context that Google is rebranding its App Store, formerly called the Android Market. Now dubbed Google Play, the idea is that consumers more clearly perceive that, just like iTunes, Google is also a place to go for films, music, apps or books.
Google knows, as Nokia boss Steven Elop never tires of saying, there is increasingly a war of ecosystems, and it must make the Android version the most attractive option available. With the new rebranding of Android Market, there’s plenty of emphasis on the comprehensive nature of the stores, and the hope is that a whole range of users, who previously associated the Android Market simply with free apps, will be drawn to download a film or, in certain markets, upload their own content so that the whole thing becomes a comprehensive, web-based service for content. If they watch it first on a phone or tablet, the leap to the television is a smaller one thanks to increasing internet connectivity.
Indeed, it’s that web-based idea that is much of the reason for Google’s revamp. They want to emphasise that a Play account allows users to access all their content, of which Android apps are just a small part, from anywhere they can get online.
And it’s the website rather than the app that is the more changed part of the equation – aside from a new icon, with a shopping bag, the original Market app is basically the same. Its emphasis, in fact, is as much as it ever was on the mixture of books, movies and apps. The main thing Google needs to do is to sort out more international consistency when it comes to the availability of services (such as Music) – and simply to sell more so that people become increasingly aware of the service. No wonder it’s opening with a massive sale. But the uncomfortable truth is, as an experience, even if the Android Market was already much better than it ever has been before, it still lacks the polish of Apple. There should be little doubt, however, about Google's determination to change that.


How To Make Animated GIF Images - using GIMP

How To Make Animated GIF Images - using Gimp

However, there are not very many good GIF editing programs available for free. Those which are available for free usually have some pretty hefty strings attached, such automatically placing a watermark on the image or requiring that the image size be below some ridiculous standard. Those animated .GIF programs which are truly free are usually web-based GIF maker apps, not tools which exist on your computer.

Luckily there is a powerful tool for creating animated .GIF images which doesn’t cost a dime. GIMP, the popular free image editing software, has the ability to create animated GIFs. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make animated GIF images on GIMP.

Step 1: Starting Your GIF

In this tutorial, we are going to create a simple .GIF image in which we’ll have the words “This is how you make a .GIF image” appear in succession one by one.
To start go to File and then click on New. Create an image which is 300 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.
Now, go to the Text Tool in the toolbox. It is represented by the large ‘A’ icon on the right side of the GIMP Toolbox.
how do i make animated gif images

Click in the upper-right corner of the image. This should open a small window called GIMP text editor. Type in the word “This.”
Now go to Layer and then click on Duplicate Layer. Use the text editor again to include the word “is” after “This.” Duplicate the layer again and then type the new word, “how.” Continue this process until you have the entire sentence “This is how you make a .GIF image.” Don’t worry about having the words perfectly aligned – this is just a test, after all.
how do i make animated gif images

Step 2: Creating the Animation

You now have a .GIF image with numerous layers. This is the basis of what you need to create an animated .GIF with GIMP, but you’re not quite there yet. Right now, you just have an image which will display the text all at once.
First, let’s view the basic animation of your .GIF by going to Filters > Animation > Playback. Click on Play in the upper left. The animated .GIF will play back fairly rapidly, looking something like this.
animated gif images
That’s way too fast for most .GIF images, so you will probably want to play with the timing a bit. There are two ways which you can do this.

Step 3: Manipulating Your .GIF

The easier way to change the timing is when you actually create your .GIF image. Go to File and then Save As. When you are prompted for a file name make sure you add .gif to the end of the file name. You will be prompted with a box which will ask if you’d like to flatten the layers in the image or convert them to animation. Click on the option to convert them to animation.
The next screen will have an option called Delay between frames where unspecified and then a number field. Change this field from 100 to 400 and then click Save. You will end up with something like this.
animated gif images
Much easier to read, isn’t it?
However, you may decide that you’d like to change the length of each frame of the .GIF individually. If you decide to do this you’ll need to edit the layers
Go to Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Layers. This will open the Layers window. Each individual layer in the .GIF file will be shown here. Right click on the first layer, which is called This, and click on Edit Layer Attributes. Type in the text (100ms) after the word ‘This’, then click Okay.
animated gif images
Do this for each layer after words, but increase the number by 100 each time. Now save the file as a .GIF, and make sure that the layers are saved as animation. You’ll end up with a .GIF where each word appears slower than the one prior, such as below.
making animated images
These are the basics you need to know in order to create .GIF images with GIMP. By manipulating the timing of each layer, you can create very intricate .GIF images which are customized to fit your needs. Forget dedicated .GIF programs – GIMP can handle your animation needs without a problem.

Questions? As usual, let them loose in the comments.

Erin E June 15, 2010
We tried using GIMP to make quick and easy wireframes for a client. We blogged about it, giving a list of tricks.
It’s really a great tool under certain (not uncommon) constraints.


Yahoo Launches Webplayer, How To Add It To Your Website

Yahoo Launches Webplayer, How To Add It To Your Website

Yahoo has launched the beta version of its Yahoo Webplayer which allows website owners let readers to view videos and listen to music on their websites. It’s a universal webplayer, when added to your website, can play Youtube videos, Mp3 files, Yahoo Movies in a slick pop-up window.

With this new webplayer you can get rid of embedding multiple media players as Yahoo Webplayer supports variety of files like WMV, Mp3 and content from Internet sources like Youtube.

Add Yahoo WebPlayer To Your Website thumb Yahoo Launches Webplayer, How To Add It To Your Website

How To Add Yahoo Webplayer To Your Website?
You just have to add a single line of code in your website html. Once added, all you have to do is link the text to corresponding file or Youtube page. It’s as simple as that. When you’re done and load the webpage, it adds a play button next to the hyperlink(Playable Item) and clicking on it will open the video or Mp3 in the Webplayer. (Check out the above image)
Add this line before </head> into your website html -
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://webplayer.yahooapis.com/player-beta.js”></script>
That’s it!! Now whenever you want to add video or mp3 file into your webpage, just link the text to the corresponding Youtube page or WMV/ MP3 file. Yahoo Webplayer will do the rest. Here’s how you have to create links using text as content.
<a href=”http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810096458/info”>Tron</a>
<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i56XeM0-b8Y”>Zoetrope</a>
As you can see in the above image, player scans the page contents and adds play buttons next to ‘playable’ items. If the webpage has more than one playable items, users can play all the videos and songs on the same page while browsing rest of the contents. Now you don’t have to embed any code, just use Yahoo Webplayer as it’s the simplest way to add multimedia contents into your website. Here’s a live example of the player in action.
Yahoo Webplayer currently supports Youtube, Yahoo Videos, WMV and Mp3 files but the team is continuing to work on this webplayer. Hope more formats and features will be added in the near future. If you are thinking about the impact of using 3rd party script on page load time, you can also download the script file and upload the script to your hosting account.
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Step 1: Get the code

Copy and paste this code at the end of your document, directly above your closing </body> tag.

Choose theme: Black Silver

Step 2: Add video and audio

Link to mp3 files, YouTube, Yahoo! Movie pages or select the check box above and just mention any
of the recognized terms (movies, soon TV shows, actors and more).

Term recognition examples
This is an example sentence showing how the Yahoo! WebPlayer recognizes terms within quotes such as "Cowboys & Aliens" or "X-Men: First Class" and makes them playable. No special HTML needed - just make sure this feature is enabled above.