Photo Albums for Blogger. ~ The Blog Doctor.

Thumbnail Albums for Blogger. ~ The Blog Doctor.

Thumbnail albums can be created in Blogger using software or by hardcoding them in the Edit Html tab of the post Editor. It is preferable to do the latter as it gives you better control besides saving on the cost of third party software.....

The first step is to upload your image to a freehost like Googlepages. Do not upload to Blogger as it resizes your image to arbitrary sizes. After uploading image as described in Upload Files to Blogger copy down the link to the image. Then login to Dashboard of Blogger and click on +New Post link. The Post Editor opens and click on Edit Html tab ofPost Editor. Use the following code to paste the image in it :

image name

Adjust the numbers 50 by clicking on the Preview link in top frame of Post Editor. This uses HTML to resize your image. Because of this the image loads faster. As an example I have used this function to load a wallpaper of Andrea Rincon below.

The actual size of this image is 1024 by 768 pixels. Click on the image to see actual size.