5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers

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So you want to start a blog. You’ve already picked out your subject matter — “Tiny Kittens in Tinier Bowls” — and you’re ready to start defining the look of your online domain.

Well, there are tons of blog design trends out there just clamoring for your attention — some more advanced than others — and depending on the style, content and theme of your blog, there are a lot of factors to take into account. In fact, sometimes the plethora of choices you have at your disposal can be overwhelming, especially if your only experience blogging was on LiveJournal back in 2003.

Before you give up and start scrawling your musings on notebook paper to distribute as a makeshift ‘zine on the street corners of your ‘hood, take a look at some words of wisdom we’ve collected from a bevy of designers and other webby folks about what’s hot right now in blogs.

Take inspiration where you will, initiative where you dare, and, of course, everything with a grain of salt. After all, unless you’re a designer peddling your graphical wares, your blog is all about your content, and the trick is to showcase that content to the best of your abilities. And, of course, it’s important to avoid creating a messy, busy GeoCities-esque travesty — unless, of course, the theme of your blog is “Messy, Busy GeoCities-esque Travesties.” Then, by all means, have at it.