G+ "might well turn Facebook into the next MySpace.


But Larry Dignan at Between the Lines speculates G+ "might well turn Facebook into the next MySpace. Because Google+ is cooler. Much cooler....

Facebook will have the same fate as MySpace, if Google plays the game correctly. We'll laugh at ourselves for ever having used it." Ouch.

He offers a plan for victory, including making G+ easy to switch to and making privacy and security supreme. Technology Review says this newbie will further "balkanize your social life."

For his part, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is keeping his followers close and his enemy closer by being, early on, one most followed people on his new rival Google +, according to SocialStatistics. (though Jonathan Bjorkskog says he doesn't look happy about it in his profile photo). Mashable says Zuck suggested that Google's move to be more social is a "validation" of Facebook's vision (and validation is the sincerest form of flattery?). Mash also has a little GoogPlus cheat sheet here.