patchstick - Installer

patchstick - Installer
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To manage 3rd party plugins on your Apple TV 2G


- AppleTV 2G jailbroken
- Active AppleTV 2G account at patchstick.ca to use full functionality


- Mac OS X Installation Tool (1.0.1)(Alternative Download: Mac OS X)
- Windows Installation Tool (1.0.1)(Alternative Download: Windows)

Installation instructions

- download the installation tool for your platform (win/mac)
- java 1.5+ is required, download the latest JRE here

- enter your Apple TV's IP address or the DNS name (bonjour required) in the respective field
- enter the root password (default: alpine)
- click the button with the wrench icon (you will be asked to reboot the Apple TV after the installation)
- if you experience any trouble, contact us via email, we will help you


Possible enhancements

- to be announced


App Installer allows you to install third party plugins, such as Overflow, XBMC, Groovy, Exposed, Plex, BT Stack and others.You will also be able to manage our own plugins such as ATVpn or aTVitter as soon as they are ported to ATV 2G.
Settings is used to maintain general settings and to register your Installer Account
About provides information about our new plugin


Within the Apps Installer menu, there are 4 submenus
Check for Updates will be executed automatically when entering the App Installer menu. This ensures that all information on your AppleTV is always up to date.
Installed Apps is available for registered users only and provides a sorted list of apps and tools that are installed on your AppleTV. All apps in this list can either be removed, re-installed or updated. Available updates will always be shown at the top of the list.
Search Apps allows you to search for apps and install them. You can also add them to your "Favourites" list which is displayed on the main screen of the App Installer entry. Available updates of favourited apps will be marked with a blue dot. Favourited apps that are installed on your AppleTV are marked with a checkmark. This allows you to easily manage plugins on your AppleTV.
Upgrade All will update all installed apps automatically at once.

The Settings menu contains 4 submenus.
Registration is used to register your account. Please not that you have to pay for the full version before you will be able to use all the functionality of Installer.
Software Update allows you to manage AppleTV osftware updates, respectively block or enable them.
Restart Main Menu restarts Lowtide
Reboot Device reboots your AppleTV