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Based on gesture (G), hand (H) and touch (T), the iliGHT table allows collaborative work on any collective project. Created by Immersion, iliGHT™ is an instinctive and innovative interface, easy to use and fully adaptable to any application. CyberGlove Systems is a proud reseller of the iliGHT system.


Let's get your hands on your applications!

CyberGlove Systems is proud to be the Americas reseller of the innovative iliGHT multi-touch interactive table display!

Through the iliGHT project, Immersion is developing new input devices resulting from the company's latest researches on tactile and motion capture technologies that will bring a more direct, natural and intuitive interaction.

With the iliGHT multitouch table, you're getting the following advantages:

  • Tactile interaction enjoy an intuitive and reactive interface
  • Instinctive use, when collaborating becomes natural again
  • Group visualization, hardware and software flexible tools
  • Simplified integration, share a high performance workspace