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As you probably know, Apple TV is a set-top box manufactured by Apple. Out of the box, it is enabled to stream digital content from any computer running iTunes. As there is little information provided about what is going on "under the hood" of the Apple TV, this is a place to collect and share information.

This website is dedicated to finding additional uses for the Apple TV by (legitimately) enabling its Potential Capabilities, and is a place for the community to share ideas, discoveries and solutions. As such, when you add any comments or questions (not contributions to an informational page) please sign it using the signature button, button_sig.png, or four tildes (~~~~). It is for informational purposes only. AwkwardTV is not responsible if you void your warranty or damage your device.

Beginners Guides

If you're just getting started and trying to learn how to hack your Apple TV, then checking out the Beginners Guides section is probably the best place to start. This will help the novice get started with hacking the Apple TV, explaining steps in detail. Now in four flavours, we have:

  • A Guide for 3.x. This is for those who want to run the "new" menu system that Apple released in October 2009.
  • A Guide for 2.x aka Take 2. This is for those who want to run the menu system that Apple released in February 2008.
  • A Guide for 1.x. This is for those who want to run the "old" menu system prior to Take 2 which was released February 2008.
  • HackMeNot or The Alternative To Hacking. Tried hacking and messed it up? Just can't get stuff to work? Or think that it's just too complicated. You can get more from your Apple TV than you think with a few free apps and the correct settings in iTunes.
  • Automation Mac Only. How to use Applescript to watch a folder for new videos of any type, convert these files to Apple TV format, add them to iTunes, process them and name them neatly.

How To's

  • How To Section covering Hard Drive Preparation and General Software Modifications.
  • Take 2 Full Update - Walkthrough on getting your new AppleTV Take 2 modified with SSH, new codecs, USB support and more



Advanced BackRow Coding - An Ongoing Series

  1. Introduction To Custom Controls
  2. A Custom Layer Controller
  3. A Downloader Controller


IRC: You can find us on IRC: #awkwardtv on irc.moofspeak.net. Register your Nick Please feel free to contribute! We are all learners at this stage ;-)

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OS Related

Awkward Project Wikis

  • ATVFiles Plugin to play back video files that are not in the Apple TV library.
  • ATVFiles Cover Downloader Script to download dvd/tv/hddvd cover images and XML metadata for ATVFiles
  • Streamer Streaming Audio player, using MPlayer.
  • ATV Loader Download and install new appliance plugins, enable and disable SSH and AFP access to your AppleTV.
  • Applications Menu Run any Mac OSX program on AppleTV
  • ATVTorrents A rtorrent controller for AppleTV
  • NitoTV mplayer video playlist, video_ts, iso playback - For AppleTV version 1.0 & 1.1 Only
  • NitoTV Take 2 Updated version of NitoTV for Take2 and 2.01 AppleTV - movie, photo, music playback, RSS feeds, Weather and more.
  • Emulation Efforts to test and tweak compatibility regarding Game Emulation. (work in progress)
  • Install Developer Tools (work in progress)
  • Patch Over Network - Patching AppleTV over the network (without opening case) (work in progress)
  • Enable Internet Sharing (work in progress)
  • Volume control Control the volume (analogue) with the remote control + and - (during playback) (work in progress)
  • HD DVD Playback Enable USB-based XBOX HD-DVD Player to allow regular or HighDefinition DVDs with DVD Player.app
  • VLC Plugin A first implementation, lots of bugs..
  • TorrentFlux-b4rt Make your ATV download your torrents & direct links itself.
  • Transmission on AppleTV the best torrent client for any platform
  • Broadcom HD Decoder hardware and software installation

Outside Awkward


Does anybody fancy upgrading their RAM using a SMD removal kit? http://www.rsrelectronics.com/sdr_smd1.htm


Third party software

Potential Capabilities

Known Issues

Tried & Working Video

Wiki documentation

Latest News

  • MediaCloud UPnP Player for Apple TV 1, 3.0.2.
  • XBMC now runs on AppleTV2, iPhone 4, and iPad.
  • Exposed VNC for AppleTV 2G by Brandon Holland
  • Beginners_Guide_AppleTV2 Beginner's guide to jailbreaking the AppleTV2 added.
  • NitoTV_Take_3 Added page for nitoTV Take 3 for AppleTV 2G
  • AppleTV_2 Added page for information and updates on AppleTV 2 information and JB status
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.9.1 too much to list! lots of new meta changes, tons of bug fixes full changelog here: http://nitosoft.com/ntv/about.txt
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.9.0 Hate for 0.9.0 to be a bugfix release but what can ya do? Fixed a bug in the smart installer with the new smbfs.kext installer, fixed improper permissions for package as well.
  • AtvDrive wiki added
  • atvDrive 1.1 released wiki added later (still). major partition map bug fixed
  • atvDrive 1.0 released wiki added later.
  • forum.tomcool.org until the forum.awkwardtv.org is back up questions can be asked there (since it appears to be dead for good).
  • CMP_Framework Added a page for the Common Media Player framework
  • Couch Surfer 2.2 now available for AppleTV 3.0 - 3.0.2
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.8.7 quick bugfix follow up release. Bundled with latest Common Media Player, fixed the CMP installer and fixed gestures in 3.0.1.
  • NitoTV Take 2 0.8.6 release supporting the Common Media Player framework, now with 5.1 AC3 passthrough support (in MPlayer too)
  • Sapphire b7.8.1 released supporting the Common Media Player framework which support DVD Playback on the AppleTV (including 5.1 AC3 passthrough support).
  • SoftwareMenu1.0b2.1 released. 1.0b1 has a bad update algorithm. select SoftwareMenu_Update1 (from third party menu), install it and even though it will say not installed, restart finder and it should be installed
  • Overflow beta 4 has been released. couple of bugs and memory leaks fixed. Now also available from SoftwareMenu. Sorry for beta 3 users. was a huge bug stopping it from working
  • ATVUSB-Creator Has been released. Updates include OpenSSH, Launcher and SoftwareMenu. This release is compatible with 2.x and 3.x AppleTVs.
  • Overflow beta 2 has been released. Overflow is a plugin that itself loads plugins while hiding them from the Finder.

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