New Piracy Video-Sharing Site, TubePlus Set In Motion

New Piracy Video-Sharing Site, TubePlus Set In Motion

tubeplus 01 300x300 New Piracy Video Sharing Site, TubePlus Set In Motion

The controversial file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay, is openly supporting the new hybrid video-sharing site, TubePlus. TubePlus integrates content from BitTorrent websites, Megaupload, Hotfile, and eMule to deliver streaming video service for piracy doers. Instead of searching and downloading files, TubePlus users will search for their favorite TV shows and movies within the database and stream the content directly into their browser’s interface.

The website also contains links to IMDB reviews of the digital content. While geeks are probably jumping up and down at the news of an “all-content Youtube”, I am sure the RIAA are sweating under their eyebrows. Since the service is relatively new, there are still a number of bugs and could use a few tweaks for the keyword search.

Additionally, some of the latest releases are hand shot poorly, but that is something to be expected when watching stolen content, you won’t always get your DVD quality expectations met. I will have to admit that TubePlus is certainly courageous in starting this streaming service so late in the game. Three of The Pirate Bay’s Founders are serving prison sentences in their native country after a court found them guilty for enabling users to illegally download copyright material. Additionally, the three were forced to pay $7.3 million dollars. Good luck TubePlus, you’ll need it