aTV Flash (Black) Official, no more beta - Apple TV - Apple

aTV Flash (Black) Official, no more beta - Apple TV - Apple
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aTV Flash (Black) for the Apple TV2 is selling for US $29.95
Now that aTV Flash has left beta, what are your thoughts on this, compared to say XBMC?

The pro's are:

  • Easy installation
  • Nice native interface
  • UI speeds are good

Con's that I can see are:

  • Not as full featured as XBMC
  • The price tag

I do question whether it's worth paying for. I do like the fact that the UI is simple to use and the installation is easy. Because I am busy with full time work and my time is scarce, this does seem like a small'ish price to pay for the ease and convenience of enhancing the features of the ATV2, making it a tidy all-in-once media player.

Thoughts? Would also be good to hear from other aTV Flash users who have used this for their review and feedback.