lightsaber effects software - Google Search

lightsaber effects software - Google Search

  1. How to Create the Star Wars Lightsaber Effect

    See this effect here. There are a number of ways to create the lightsaber effect. When deciding which method to use, the prime consideration is the software you ...
  2. Final Cut Pro Lightsaber Effect Tutorial - Videojug

    www.videojug.com/.../final-cut-pro-lightsaber-effect-t...18 Mar 2010 - 11 min
    Video : The Lightsaber Effect Tutorial A simple tutorial on how to create a lightsaber. IDD302 Program: Final ...
  3. How To Make A Light saber Effect In Sony Vegas Video – 5min.com

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    How To Make A Light saber Effect In Sony Vegas - In this tutorial, I will show you how to ... Check out my ...
  4. LSMaker's homepage - The LightSaber Maker program

    LSMaker is a program for creating lightsaber effects just like in the movies. LSSound ... LSMaker is a program developed by me and you can create lights saber/laser sword effects with this program. LSSound is ... New programs 2005.03.21.
  5. What's a good software to make lightsaber effects? - Yahoo! Answers

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    3 answers - 25 Jun 2008
    Top answer: Download the trial version of Photoshop. Just draw a line in a new layer. Apply the blur until it looks like a light saber. Copy your hand and the area ...