AlexTrott - iOS users annoy me.


iOS users annoy me.

Not all of them, just a vast group of them
I always struggle to think of idea’s for apps. I’ve always wanted to make something big and awesome which lots of people will use, like Instagram. I don’t like instagram, not because of the app, the app it’s self is a great idea, which has been excited well in a poor UI, but mostly because of the users which goes back to the title of this post.

I was just looking on the app store for fun, and I saw at number ten there was an app called Bluetooth OnOff. at first I thought I was browsing the utilities sections, because that would be somewhat understandable. Nope. It was in the top ten, so i looked at what the app actually does, it is a UIView with a switch, yep, just to turn bluetooth on and off. Thats not all it does, assuming apple are going by it’s own guideline, i guess they either added in the chat function, which is retarded, as apple told them the app needs more of a function or they did it ahead of time in case apple told them to add more function.

So back to my problem with this, the app it’s self allows you turn bluetooth off in two taps assuming you are on the right home screen, which i guess is nice, but without the app i can get to bluetooth in four taps and one swipe. So going by the result from KaishinLab the time it takes to turn bluetooth on without the aid of this app is 1065ms, and with the app it is 330ms saying you 735ms each time you want to swap over your bluetooth settings.

Knowing an app, that saves you 735ms in time is in the top 10, is crazy, I can’t imagine how many sales they have, and why people love it so much, it beyond me. I guess some people just strike gold with the simplest of ideas. Yes I am jealous I didn’t think of this idea, I guess I just assumed people weren’t that lazy to need that app, but once again iOS users show how stupid they are, and the simplest crap is what they will be willing to give money too.