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Exporting and importing a single Stack Page - realmacsoftware

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I have built a very complicated stack page in one of my project - It would be very time consuming for me to redo the same page in each of my projects. Is there a way for me to export that single page so I can import it in other projects? I used to be able to use Library but in this case, stack page does not allow to use library.


I store stacks that I may want to use on other pages or projects in a RW project that is just for this purpose alone. I have one "master" file, but you could keep a project version with a project if you were using a lot of the same stacks across many pages.

Single, or nested stacks are simple, just copy the stack and paste it into a Stacks page. If you want to group similar types of stacks on a page, just add a text stack between them and put in a description so you know what they are for.

To move a group of stacks (several stacks or a whole page) I place all of the stacks within a single "stack" container, then copy that container stack and paste it into a stacks page. From there I can copy and paste it into any project I like.

Think stacks clipboard.

When you copy a stacks group onto a new page, you can either leave it as is or "un-bundle" it by dragging the individual stacks out, then deleting the "container" stack to eliminate the extra div.

Hope this helps.
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