Ten Reasons Why Tonido is better than Dropbox

Ten Reasons Why Tonido is better than Dropbox

Posted in Tonido by codemechanic on June 16th, 2010
EDIT: Now Tonido does Personal Sync of Files as well. See http://www.tonido.com/blog/index.php/2011/09/02/announcing-tonido-personal-cloud-sync/

Everybody’s darling DropBox is an awesome service that allows you to synchronize files among different computers. But the caveat is that the free account provides measly 2 GB storage. If you are looking for a free value alternative that provides both full access to all your files as well as sync you might want to check out Tonido.
Tonido is an ultra simple personal server software that allows you to access and share your documents, photos, music through a web browser without uploading or worrying about storage limits. Share files, music, photos and calendar, download torrents and even manage your finances straight from your PC.
Here are 10 reasons why Tonido is better than Dropbox:

1. No need to sync to get access to documents on various machines. It is simpler, faster and more efficient because at any time, you only use a fraction of the stuff you have synced online. Now you can get access to it all without keeping it all synced up.

2.You can store documents where you want instead of specifying one folder.

3.This is HUGE: Storage capacity is not equal on all machines you normally use. A netbook has a small HDD, so you can’t store 350 GB of DropBox stuff. But you can still mount a remote location as a local drive and work on the netbook with no loss in functionality.

4. If you open a laptop that hasn’t synced for a while, Dropbox will sync everything taking up a lot of time.

5. Syncing means you will get conflicts when you edit the same document in multiple machines and do the sync later.

6. If you edit large photos or videos you need to wait for dropbox to finish syncing before you can shutdown that machine otherwise it is not available.

7.There are no real storage limits and you are only limited by your hard drive. Think Terabytes of storage!

8. Way cheaper – Tonido is free! If you are using the plug, it pays off for itself in a few years. (It’s just $99!)

9. No need to install client software to access your files.

10.Tonido is not only meant for file sharing. It is truly your personal digital hub that provides an array of powerful applications to stream your music, download torrents, take distributed backups and run your own personal blog.

11. We also now do Personal Cloud Synchronization. Do File synchronization safely and securely with your own server without using the public cloud. See http://www.tonido.com/blog/index.php/2011/09/02/announcing-tonido-personal-cloud-sync/

Check out Tonido. You won’t be disappointed!