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Apple's iPhoto is a convenient application to use to organize and edit your digital photos, but it restricts you to having to keep all of your photos in a single, monolithic library. iPhoto Library Manager adds an additional level of control over your iPhoto collection by allowing you to keep your photos in multiple libraries and transfer them back and forth without losing your keywords, ratings, and all the other information you've worked to assign to your photos. Libraries can be split into smaller ones, or smaller libraries can be merged together into one large library. You can keep your photos on an external drive or another computer on your network, share them with other users on your machine, sync them all with your iPod, and use iPhoto Library Manager to keep track of it all.

What's new in this version:
    •    If iPhoto crashes while updating thumbnails, we now note it in the log and continue rather than halting the whole copying process
    •    Fixed a bug where faces would sometimes be copied even if they had been rejected in the original iPhoto library
    •    Added a workaround for an iPhoto 9.2 bug where it provides incorrect paths for some movie files
    •    Fixed a "Could not find destination index for source photo" error that could occur when copying faces from certain librariesSee all new features

Read more: iPhoto Library Manager for Mac - Download.com http://download.cnet.com/iPhoto-Library-Manager/3000-2192_4-10654838.html#ixzz1tC0jfDxc

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About iPhoto libraries
  3. Installation
  4. A note about iPhoto version numbers
  5. Managing iPhoto libraries
    1. Creating a new library
    2. Adding an existing library
    3. Removing a library
    4. Duplicating a library
    5. Moving a library
    6. Renaming a library 
  6. Using your iPhoto libraries
    1. Opening a library
    2. Using library shortcuts
    3. Using a digital camera with multiple libraries
    4. Using web galleries with multiple libraries
    5. Using Photo Stream with multiple libraries
  7. Copying between iPhoto libraries
    1. Copying albums and events
    2. Copying individual photos
    3. Merging libraries
    4. Importing new photos into a library
    5. Customizing your photo copying
      1. Preserving photo attributes
      2. Copying original photos
      3. Avoiding importing duplicate photos
      4. RAW/hidden photo options
      5. Album copying options
      6. Merging options
      7. The "Use XML Info Only" option
    6. What can and can't be copied
    7. Log files
  8. Working with iPhoto and iPod/iPhone/Apple TV
    1. About iPod Folders
    2. Creating and configuring iPod Folder
    3. iPod Folder options
    4. Updating an iPod Folder
    5. Syncing with an iPod Folder
  9. Accessing an iPhoto library from multiple accounts
  10. Rebuilding a corrupted iPhoto library
  11. Extracting photos from a corrupted iPhoto library
  12. Common Tasks
    1. Copying photos from one Mac to another
    2. Copying photos from a CD/DVD backup
    3. Moving or copying a library to an external drive or NAS
    4. Splitting up a library into multiple smaller libraries
    5. Creating a library using photos not already in iPhoto
    6. Transferring your iPhoto Library Manager setup to a new Mac
  13. Preferences
  14. Registering iPhoto Library Manager
  15. System requirements
  16. Frequently asked questions
  17. Troubleshooting
  18. Support
  19. Release notes