Mac OS X Server for NAS?

Mac OS X Server for NAS?

RE: Mac OS X Server for NAS?
(2011-05-03 09:45)cryptonit Wrote:  Both. Apple says its server is "server made easy" and better solution than dedicated and costly NAS. But I'm not sure how it works with DS system. Software part of Linn DS solution is not as friendly as Mac OS X world (please, don't shoot: I also use & like Windows XP/Vista/7 Smile.

OK - Here is what I do. I have a Mac Mini running "headless" (i.e. no screen or keyboard) attached via ethernet cable to my home network. Initially, I had to set the Mac Mini up with a keyboard, mouse and screen (plugged it into the TV). I set it up such that I can control it from my desktop iMac remotely. I then disconnected it an plugged it in to the network. I can take you through this in detail if you choose to go this way.

I have installed Twonky on the Mac Mini, and I have attached an external hard drive to the Mac Mini via Firewire (the hard drive is a Drobo with 4TB disk space, in my case). All my music files are on the Drobo in Apple Lossless format. This is now my "pseudo NAS", always on, acting as the file server. You don't need Mac OS Server, just a plain Mac Mini.

To rip CDs, I use XLD on the desktop iMac, pointing to the remote directory on the Mac Mini/Drobo as the output directory for the lossless files. I also set a flag in XLD to make an automatic entry in iTunes on the iMac, such that I can see the music there as well, and sync to my iPods, etc.., but this is not at all necessary to the setup. My setup is in fact entirely independent of iTunes even though it is Mac based.

I use ChorusDS on an iPad and on the iMac to control my KDS without any issues whatsoever. I can also control using Kinsky Desktop on my Windows laptop, but don't tend to do so much. The way I have my Mac Mini set up also means that it is visible / accessible on my Windows machine as a networked server.

I wouldn't say my setup is cheaper than a NAS - Mac Minis don't come cheap. However, as the entire system is Mac OS based, I have the flexibility to use whatever Mac compatible server software I like on the Mac Mini (Twonky for now, but perhaps something different in future).

Hope this is of help.