QuickCal 3.0

QuickCal 3.0

  • Natural Language Entry

    Natural Language Entry

    You've never been able to create events and todos so quickly – tap a hotkey, and start typing! e.g. ”Lunch tomorrow at noon“, ”Cycling class at 6 for 1.5h“, ”Pay taxes before 4/15!“, ”Todo – pay cable bill in 14 days“… Integrates with your favorite app launchers too!

  • Smart Reminders

    Smart Reminders

    Never worry about setting reminders again. QuickCal’s ”Smart Reminders“ create alarms at configurable time intervals, specific to how far in the future the event is. A meeting tomorrow? Reminder 15 min in advance. A meeting in 6 months? Reminder a few days in advance.

  • Conflict Detection

    Conflict Detection

    What good is the speed of QuickCal if you have to double-check to see if you’re available for the events you’re creating? Don’t worry – QuickCal will be checking as you type and let you know if you’re double-booking yourself!

  • To Do List Management

    To Do List Management

    Create Todos with Natural Language. Assign priorities and due dates simply. Review and complete todos directly from the QuickCal menu bar.

  • BusyCal and Google Calendar

    Not an iCal user? That’s ok! You can create events directly into BusyCal or Google Calendar.
    Note: iCloud/MobileMe users currently need to have iCal running for sync.