Important Stacks Update - Google updated hosted version of the jQuery Javascript library

Stacks update 1/16/13?

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Brian Corbett

January 17, 2013 @ 05:12 AM
I just received an email via doobox regarding a stacks update today. Wondering where that is available and how I can obtain it. I am in the midst of preparing my site update for the first quarter and want to make sure I don't have any JQuery issues.
  1. 2 Posted by Areg Jera on January 17, 2013 @ 07:41 AM
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    Yes I have the same issue. Doobox had informed me that I need to download a stacks plugin update in order my my sites to function properly because of the change in Google's jQuery.
  2. Support Staff 3 Posted by Isaiah on January 17, 2013 @ 07:42 AM
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    You will likely see the update the next time you start up RapidWeaver and open a Stacks page. If not you can always download it from our site: http://yourhead.com/stacks
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Important Stacks Update

As an owner of our Stack Products we want to inform you about an
important update of the Stacks Plugin.

Google updated their CDN hosted version of the jQuery Javascript library,
that is used by the Stacks Plugin and so by our Stack Products.

This new major version of jQuery might be causing some of our Stack Products
to show unexpected behavior when you are using the Stacks Plugin v2.1.

This affects the following Stack Products:
- Fancy Intro
- ImageMapper
- ShakeIt
- ScrollTo and Bounce

Yourhead Software released a new version of the Stacks Plugin v2.1.8,
that is using an older version of jQuery and so restores the behavior of the Stack Products.

We strongly recommend updating your version of the Stacks Plugin when you are
using one of the mentioned products.

You can update to this version using:
* The direct download link from the YourHead website
* Re-start RapidWeaver with your project file and select an Stacks Page for an automatic update.

After updating the Stacks Plugin it is time to republish your site(s).
We recommend using File -> Republish All Files to make sure that all required page assets are uploaded.

Our apologies for the inconvenience, we are working on updates to prevent this from happening.

In case an issue related to this jQuery update is not solved by the mentioned actions you can
of course contact us via support@tsooj.net

Kind regards,


©2013 Tsooj Media | Amersfoort | The Netherlands | www.tsooj.net

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Elixir Graphics"
Subject: Important update for the Bricks stack
Date: 17 January 2013 2:11:48 AM AEDT
Reply-To: "no-reply@cartloom.com" <no-reply@cartloom.com>

Important Update!

Today Google made an update to their hosted version of jQuery, the javascript file the Stacks plugin uses. This javascript file is what powers much of what the Bricks stack does.

In it being updated this has caused a problem with another javascript library used within the Bricks stack, called Masonry.

I have just pushed out an update to the Bricks stack that will fix the problem for now until the Masonry library is updated, at which time we will likely send out a supplemental update.

Do note that this update to the jQuery library has broken a lot of stacks out there, not just the Bricks stack, so be patient with the Stacks developers as we all sort through these problems.

How to get the update:

The update has been pushed out to all Bricks users via Stacks built-in updater. To make sure you get this latest version and it is applied to your sites, please follow the instructions below:

- If you currently have RapidWeaver open, quit RapidWeaver. Once it has quit, relaunch it.

- Go to a page in your project file that is a Stacks page. This triggers Stacks to look for updates.

- Wait several minutes for Stacks to poll all of your stacks' plugins updates. This time varies depending on the number of stacks you have installed.

- Once it has finished you should see a red exclamation mark on the Bricks stack icon in the Stack Elements library drop down.

- To apply the update, highlight Bricks in the Stack Elements library by single-clicking on it.

- At the bottom of the Stack Elements drop down you will see a small gear, or cog, icon. Click this and choose 'Install Update.'

- Once it has finished, just to be sure all is well, quit and then restart Rapidweaver.

- From the File Menu in RapidWeaver choose the Mark All Pages as Changed. Then go back to the File Menu and choose Republish All Files.

We're terribly sorry for this inconvenience. It is a shame that an update to a javascript library that is remotely hosted, and automatically applied by Stacks, would cause such a hassle for all involved.