OS X Lion: Enable One Finger Drag Gesture « Navin Peiris

OS X Lion: Enable One Finger Drag Gesture « Navin Peiris 

Lion doesn’t come with the same one finger click-and-drag gesture that used to be in Snow Leopard, and instead the user has an option of enabling a three finger drag gesture through the system preferences. This post shows you how to re-enable the one finger drag gesture.

To enable one finger drag, go to System Preferences, click on Universal Access, and then the Mouse & Trackpad tab. Now click on the “Trackpad Options…” button available at the bottom of this screen. Enable the second option, which is named “Dragging” and select the desired dragging behaviour from the drop down list:
After this you should be able to do one finger click and dragging just like in good old Snow Leopard :) .

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  1. Thank you, this has been driving me crazy!