Create Custom Skype Buttonsfor a website

Create Custom Skype Buttons

Create Custom Skype Buttons

skype logo button Create Custom Skype Buttons

Recently we  implemented Live Help for our paying customers. We based it on Skype, so our customers can call us or contact us as they are working on their websites, especially  if they need instant advice. The main challenge we had was creating custom Skype Call Me buttons. You see, Skype provides a bunch of free custom buttons, but you are then tied into their default Skype buttons images. For most people that might be fine, but you also might find yourself not happy with being tied to “Call Me” buttons. So how do you get custom Skype buttons to work? The solution we found  was this great script which we have slightly modified.
Basically it ties into the status codes of Skype as below

* 0 – unknown
* 1 – offline
* 2 – online
* 3 – away
* 4 – not available
* 5 – do not disturb
* 6 – invisible
* 7 – skype me

Simply create images in JPG or PNG and number them 1 thru 7 for each status. The next step is to change your username to your personal one and you are good to go. It’s that simple. Get the full script here with our notations. Make the changes you need, and save as .PHP  file type.  Have fun!