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Creating a public page using Google Reader

A public page is a place for you to collect any of your items in Google Reader that you want to share with other people.

Public pages are handy for educators who want their students to be able to read all posts from the student blogs in one location but don’t want their students to set up their own Google Reader account.

Please note:
  • Previously you could create public pages by making a folder public
  • Now you create a public page using a bundle
  • If you’ve already added a Google Reader blogroll to your blog sidebar then the students can click on the preview link at the bottom of the blogroll to visit your public page and read the latest posts.
  • To add and remove blogs from your Public page you need to edit your Bundle by following the instructions for editing your blogroll.
Here’s how create a public page:
1.  Hover your mouse over the name of a folder you want to create a public page from to display the drop down arrow.
2.  Click on the drop down arrow to display the folder options.
3.  Select Create a bundle.

4.  Click Save.

5.  Click on Add a link.

6.  Copy the URL from the address bar.

7.   Now go to Links > Add New in your blog dashboard
8.  Add a title for your Google Reader public page to the Name

9.  Add your Google Reader public page URL to the Web Address 
10.  Select Blogroll in the Categories and the click Add Link

11. Now go to Appearance > Widgets in your blog dashboard
12.  Add your links widget to your sidebar.
13.  You should now see a link to your Public page and students just need to click on this link to read the latest posts.