Side-stepping the SMH/Age paywall : australia

Side-stepping the SMH/Age paywall : australia

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As I've posted in another thread, the easiest and 'maintenance free' way:

In Chrome:

Settings>Advanced>Content Settings>Manage Exceptions

Add smh.com.au as an exception and set to 'block'. Proceed to do this
with every other paywall provider, if you really want to feel dirty.


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for some reason my firefox is nothing like that : for people with something that behaves like firefox 22 on osx:

firefox > preferences > privacy:

"use custom settings for history"

After this you should see more options including one:

exceptions - where you can block for specific domains

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yep thanks. I'm a recent Chrome convert so I'm not as sharp with it as I
am with Firefox. Not sure if it's just the smh.com.au based ones that
need blocking (haven't done testing to see if it's any of the fairfax.*

Cheers dude.

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Another alternative is to go through the Canberra Times, which has basically the same content as the SMH and is not yet paywalled