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MindTouch, Inc.
Type Private
Founded January 2005
Headquarters San Diego., USA
Key people Aaron Roe Fulkerson (CEO)
Steve G. Bjorg (CTO)
Byoung Lee (COO)
Mike Puterbaugh (VP Marketing)
Products MindTouch TCS, MindTouch Platform v10, MindTouch Core v10
Website www.mindtouch.com
MindTouch, Inc., an open-source software-development company based in San Diego, California, USA, started in January, 2005 with offices in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Bellevue, Washington. It merged all its offices in San Diego in February 2007.



[edit] History

MindTouch initially based its development work on MediaWiki, the open source wiki program used for the Wikimedia Foundation sites. The first public software release took place at OSCON, the open-source conference in Portland, OR, July 25, 2006 at which time MindTouch also launched the MindTouch Developer Community (once named OpenGarden.org). This initial release, a MediaWiki fork called Deki Wiki "Gooseberry", differed by including a WYSIWYG editor on XHTML and providing enhanced search capabilities that also indexed files, page-level file attachments, enhanced permissioning and more. MindTouch also released a distributed REST application management framework called MindTouch Dream in July 2006.

At DEMOFall in September 2006, MindTouch released its first commercial product, the DekiBox smart hardware appliance. In January 2006, MindTouch quickly migrated the wikis hosted at Wiki.com to "Wik.is" before the former site was taken down due to domain ownership issues.

A year after the initial MindTouch Deki Wiki product release, timed for OSCON 2007, MindTouch released a rewrite of the initial Deki Wiki product that consisted of a decoupled wiki interface to a composition of heterogeneous web-services and a web-service orchestration engine. The new platform allows users to integrate Web services and external applications to extend MindTouch Deki Wiki with remote application behavior and enables data and application mashups.

In June, 2008 MindTouch dropped the "wiki" part of the product name; thereby renaming the product to MindTouch Core (free and open source) and MindTouch Platform (commercial version). MindTouch CEO, Aaron Fulkerson, cited in the June Corporate Newsletter a motivation to more accurately communicate the capabilities of the product and the fact the wiki is only a component in the business collaboration and integration platform's overall feature set.

[edit] Technology as of 2010

MindTouch Core consists of an open-source wiki developed in C# on Mono and PHP, with all components available under either version 2 of the GNU General Public License or version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License; this makes it the first commercial open-source virtualized wiki[citation needed]. The DREAM framework makes it possible to extend MindTouch using any programming language compatible with web services. The application's logic is implemented in C# and the presentation layer in PHP, which makes it relatively simple to modify the user interface.

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