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List of Practice Management Vendors

List of Practice and Matter Management Vendors for In-House Legal Departments

This is a list of products with links to the vendors' websites and additional information provided by the vendors. I have not included vendors that say their programs are only designed for law firms or for litigation practices. For more detailed information, go to The Survey or The Real Story.

Some of the products listed below are true "practice management" systems and others (some call themselves "matter management" systems) are more limited and what I would call information repositories rather than true practice management systems. As a general rule, the products focused more on the general legal market tend to be comprehensive, integrated practice management systems, and the corporate systems are more tailored to the limited matter management needs of corporate counsel, but tend not to be comprehensive practice management systems. An example of the difference is that a practice management system should integrate closely with Outlook or other commonly used email and calendar programs - or even replace them entirely. If the program is more of a matter information repository and doesn't have the capability to integrate with email, you'll still be using a separate email system. That can make a big difference in the ease of getting information into the systems.

Specialized Corporate Practice and Matter Management Systems:

Case & Point (www.caseandpoint.com)

CaseTrack (www.case-track.com) - more

Chief Legal Officer (www.corprasoft.com) - more

Corporate Legal Desktop (www.corprasoft.com) - more

CT TyMetrix - TyMetrix was purchased by CT Corporation, which also acquired TriPoint Systems. Covers matter management and e-billing. CT TyMetrix claims to have pricing models suitable for small companies as well as large. www.cttymetrix.com. 90+ clients. e-Counsel (www.bridge-way.com)

Global CMS (www.1stlegal.com)

MODULAW Corporate (www.inslawinc.com) - For in interesting tale of death and intrigue (I am not kidding), type "inslaw" into a search engine.

Law Manager (www.lawmanager.com) - Now owned by Elite

LawPack (CompInfo/Hummingbird) - Note: It appears that Hummingbird is no longer selling LawPack. Mitratech is offering a free upgrade to LawPack clients through April 15, 2002.

LawQuest (www.bridge-way.com)

LawTrac (www.lawtrac.com)

LegalEdge (www.legaledge.com)

Mitratech (www.mitratech.com)

Serengeti Tracker (www.serengetilaw.com) - Matter management and e-billing for both small and large departments. Serengeti Tracker is an ASP, meaning there is no software to install. Perhaps the leading in-house counsel matter management ASP.

And there are many more general practice management systems that claim they could be used by corporate departments. These might even be more suitable for some insurance companies with staff counsel. Systems include:

AbacusLaw (www.abacuslaw.com)

Advantage Computer Systems (www.advantagelaw.com)

Amicus Attorney (www.amicusattorney.com) - more

Case Master (www.stilegal.com)

CLS/Summit (www.clssummit.com) - more

LawBase (www.lawbase.com) - more

Legal Files (www.legalfiles.com)

Practice Manager (www.reallegal.com)

ProLaw (www.prolaw.com) - Now owned by Westlaw.

Time Matters (www.timematters.com) - more

Other interesting systems:

JurisDictionUSA.net - more

Vendors: I'm sure I'm missing some of you. Please sent me an email and I will make every effort to update this list. Please do not ask to be included if your system is intended for law firms or only for litigation management.

Last Updated: 12/13/05